3 Nations Create Giant Reserves for Ocean Life. Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Colombia announce historic protections to safeguard sea turtles, sharks, and a variety of other creatures off their coasts.

Concern over a worldwide decline in marine life prompted the presidents of the 3 countries a to announce agreements 16Sept to increase protection of some of the most biodiverse ocean waters.   The agreements bring the marine reserves off the three nations to 83,600 square miles protecting the underwater “highways” used by sharks, sea turtles, and other migrating marine life.  FULL STORY

Rare Footage of White Right Whale Calf

Drone captures rare footage.  The researchers at Murdoch University who took this video have been studying right whales for more than two decades in an effort to better understand their behavior and eventually bring their population numbers back up.

Commercial whaling in the 19th century killed off about 75 percent of the right whale population. Even now, after decades of recovery, only 12,000 of these whales live in the southern hemisphere, compared to the 100,000 who lived there before whaling began.




To the GEM of  BELIZE 

St. George’s Caye Resort

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Travel Smarter

hacking travel

12 Free Apps That Make Travel A Breeze

Today’s travel apps put powerful planning and organizing tools in the palm of your hand, allowing you to easily book and organize your trip, find the best ways to get from one place to another, and document and share every moment along the way.

Here are 12 free travel apps to explore—whether you’re planning your next getaway or already on the road.

Scuba Diving Dog?

Meet the Scuba Diving Dog!

Credit: tv program on Animal Planet. Mac & Mutley. 
How did he equalize? Best buddy ever?
Looks almost like our own Dexter the Scuba Doodle. 

Tec Diving in Utila


Mango Inn Offers Tec Diving Thru Utila Dive Centre

Utila Dive Centre a  PADI 5 Star Career Development Centre and most referred & recommended in Central America and the Caribbean.

A PADI TecRec facility, teaching diver and instructor levels for Tec Deep and Tec Trimix courses.  2 new packages specially tailored for certified Tec and Tec Trimix divers looking for a place to explore.


Featured Review


 Wakatobi Dive Resort 

By lrc   Visited in May 2016 and the experience was truly over the top. First of all – it’s in the kind of remote and isolated location that experienced divers are always searching for.  There is tremendous attention to detail in every aspect, clearly a lot of love and effort have gone into creating this wonderful place.


Barefoot Cay Resort

Barefoot Caye Resort

Barefoot Cay Resort in Roatan is an oasis for those who love the tropics, truly a world apart- otro mundo aparte.

Barefoot Cay is an intimate retreat including a private cay, catering to divers who want to escape the crowds and experience incredible diving, superior accommodations and fine dining in a Caribbean paradise.

Looking for exceptional service and valet diving at one of the world’s top dive destinations?


Stuart Westmorland 1958-2016

“A Life That Touches Others Goes On Forever”

Stuart was not only an accomplished Photographer, but also an Artist. What set him apart was his ability to capture “life” in his images. Not only underwater but above. His photos made you feel if you were there, part of the scene.

Unfortunately Stuart left this earth way too early and will be missed by the many who were fortunate to have him in our lives. Stuart zest for life and the many ways he touched so many, will always be with us. Stuart will always be a comfort and inspiration in our lives.

Through Stuart’s Eyes

Where to See Hammerheads

Whitefin Hammerhead

Along with the whale shark and the manta ray, to dive with hammerheads is probably up there with the most coveted additions to any divers log book, and also one of the most elusive. All hammerhead sharks are coastal swimmers, and are are found worldwide in warmer waters along coastlines and continental shelves. Unlike most sharks, hammerheads usually swim in schools and an encounter which a large number of these sharks is a phenomenal experience.


Dive Accident Insurance


A good Dive Accident Insurance Policy may be your best piece of safety equipment. Diving is considered a safe activity, however, in the unfortunate event of a diving accident. The cost of a dive accident can exceed $100,000.  Having a policy will  give you peace of mind so you can focus on one thing: enjoying your favorite watersport.


Word of Mouth


Marco Vincent Dive Resort – Puerto Galera, Philippines  by trux.

5 Stars – Our “Experience” offered outstanding service, spacious, clean guest rooms, and excellent Indo-Pacific diving. I highly recommend for anyone who enjoys superior, friendly service, outstanding diving, delicious food, and the relaxing tropical atmosphere


Mojito Shrimp


Mojitos and Shrimp Come Together.

Simple to make and quick to cook, these snappy shrimp are inspired by the cocktail of the same name, and the marinade includes many of the same ingredients. Because the acid in the lime juice can “cook” the shrimp, only marinate them for 10 minutes before cooking, Otherwise, they’ll become rubbery.


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