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01-Wakatobi Dive Resort and house reef-taxi boats-Didi Lotze

 Wakatobi Dive Resort 

By lrc   Visited in May 2016 and the experience was truly over the top. First of all – it’s in the kind of remote and isolated location that experienced divers are always searching for.  There is tremendous attention to detail in every aspect, clearly a lot of love and effort have gone into creating this wonderful place.


Stuart Westmorland 1958-2016

“A Life That Touches Others Goes On Forever”

Stuart was not only an accomplished Photographer, but also an Artist. What set him apart was his ability to capture “life” in his images. Not only underwater but above. His photos made you feel if you were there, part of the scene.

Unfortunately Stuart left this earth way too early and will be missed by the many who were fortunate to have him in our lives. Stuart zest for life and the many ways he touched so many, will always be with us. Stuart will always be a comfort and inspiration in our lives.

Through Stuart’s Eyes



To the GEM of  BELIZE 

St. George’s Caye Resort

SIX EASY WAYS TO WIN. Multiple ways to increase your chances.

Every Month Thru April 2017 One Lucky Person Will Win!


Tec Diving in Utila


Mango Inn Offers Tec Diving Thru Utila Dive Centre

Utila Dive Centre a  PADI 5 Star Career Development Centre and most referred & recommended in Central America and the Caribbean.

A PADI TecRec facility, teaching diver and instructor levels for Tec Deep and Tec Trimix courses.  2 new packages specially tailored for certified Tec and Tec Trimix divers looking for a place to explore.

Sharks Have Personalities

Oceanic Whitetip Shark (Carcharhunus longimanus), Daedalus Reef, marine preserve, Southern Red Sea,  Egypt, Middle East, Africa

New Research Reveals Sharks Have Personalities and Dolphins Have Human-Level Intelligence.

Fans of the 2004 animated hit “Shark Tale” may be familiar with the core concept of recent findings from researchers in Australia. For the first time, distinct individual personality traits have been observed in sharks, adding to a list of hundreds of animals who appear to have unique responses to various scenarios.


Travel Hack


New App Helps You Enjoy Your Long Layover

Airport lounges these days are more than a place to find comfortable chair, and, contrary to popular belief, are not just reserved for first and business class.

 In fact, hundreds of lounges around the world are actually available for a reasonable one-time fee.

 The LoungeBuddy app is one answer to finding a place to relax, be productive, freshen up, or just get away from it all.


akr logo

Anthony’s Key Resort – TWO for ONE Sale

At Roatan’s #1 Destination. Plan your trip for any available week – at a rate that sure to make you smile. 

1st Bungalow Occupant PAYS normal rate, Second Guest PAYS ZERO ….


Bali - Critter Paradise


Very few people know that Bali has fantastic diving, especially for critter lovers.  Part of the coral triangle, the richness of the coral reefs is unique. More than 3.500 species have been discovered here. The muck diving can be compared to the Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi.


Treasure Found

Divers Find 1600 Year old buried Treasure

A chance discovery by two divers uncovered Israel’s biggest find of underwater Roman-era artifacts in three decades Roman ship with bronze statues, coins and other artifacts.  MORE

UW Cookie Monster

Splendid Toadfish

The Splendid ToadfishThe Cookie Monster from Sesame Street? Unlike any other member of the toadfish family, the splendid toadfish is distinctive for its vibrant colors. It has bright yellow fins which also contain distinctive patterning, while its head contains dark and white stripes.The splendid toadfish has a highly restricted distribution, occurring in… MORE

Visit Cuba Now

Cuba Dive Map

Travel to Cuba just got easier and, probably, less expensive. The United States government  announced new rules that allow Americans to travel independently to Cuba.  

The United States government announced new rules that allow Americans to travel independently to Cuba on what they call “people-to-people” trips, one of the most popular ways to see the island. if the trip falls within one of 12 categories …

Tiki Cocktails

Coconut Drinks at Sunset, Lanta Island, Krabi Area, Thailand Coast

Just a sip of one of these fun, colorful drinks conjures up warm tropical breezes and sand under your toes. They are like a vacation in a glass!

Generally made with rum, tropical drinks are gaining popularity once again—and we’re not talking about the tooth-achingly sweet drinks, but rather those made with real fruit juices and homemade syrups. Try some of these classic tiki cocktail recipes and tropical drinks now. Cheers! 

Word of Mouth


Marco Vincent Dive Resort – Puerto Galera, Philippines  by trux.

5 Stars – Our “Experience” offered outstanding service, spacious, clean guest rooms, and excellent Indo-Pacific diving. I highly recommend for anyone who enjoys superior, friendly service, outstanding diving, delicious food, and the relaxing tropical atmosphere


Where To See Manta Ray


For divers, getting up close and personal with marine life in its natural habitat makes for a dive that won’t soon be forgotten.

Increase your odds to scuba dive with manta rays by visiting one of these manta ray hot spots.

ZIKA Need to Know


Experts weigh in on precautions to take before, during and after your trip.

There are smart steps to mitigate your risks of contracting the virus and transmitting it to others.


Quino El Guardian Presents the Citizen Science Program

Dive side by side with top scientist to study sharks and manta rays at the amazing Socorro Island &  Revillagigedo Archipelago

Citizen Science involves everyday people – just like you – who volunteer to help scientists with their research. You don’t need to have a formal science background to participate.

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