Shark Facts


Sharks actually deserve respect.  Despite their scary reputation, sharks rarely ever attack humans and would much rather feed on fish and marine mammals.

Sharks have played a vital role in maintaining healthy oceans for hundreds of millions of years as a top predator. More than 450 species of sharks cruise the world’s oceans, ranging in size from 8 inches to a whopping 40 feet long.

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Once-in-a-Lifetime Scuba Experiences For 2019

Are you fantasizing about an epic dive trip to a remote destination? Or maybe a weekend or short  closer to home? Or becoming a Dive Pro?  You’re sure to find the perfect place on our WHERE TO GO IN 2019.   SDR’s staff have spent much of the past years traveling, researching, experiencing firsthand so we are confident in our recommendations.

From a scuba certification class in Cozumel, to incredible shark dive experiences around the world,  to Underwater Photo Workshops in exotic locations, to the most romantic dive holiday, to becoming a citizen scientist, To a Safari…. the experiences are as diverse as they are desirable. Tick one or more of these “Bucket List” experiences off in 2019.





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Flight Canceled or Delayed?


Next time you experience an air travel annoyance, these tips will help you rebook your flight, get compensation, and keep comfortable while you wait.  

As airline passenger horror stories continue to pop up in the news, it’s important to step back and learn everything you can about how to control your experience when things go wrong. Frequent travelers have an arsenal of tools available to them when air travel doesn’t go as planned—these are the most important ones to know.

Follow these pro strategies 

Best New Dive Spots

For divers, oil rigs are veritable playgrounds.  Photo by  Kirk Wester

May be  Under Oil Rigs.
Offshore oil rigs can be eyesores, but beneath the surface, the views are anything but ugly. That’s because they attract all manner of sea creatures—from playful sea lions to rainbow-colored corals.
Much like the masts and hulls of ships that are sunk to create artificial reefs, the beams and columns of oil plaforms are havens for coral and marine life.


Tacos al Pastor

tacos al pastor

One of the Great Joys of Travel is experiencing the Food.

Those pineapple-and-pork tacos served on almost every street corner in every Mexican city?  You know them as tacos al pastor, thin slices of pork shaved from a giant tower of layered meat rotating on a spit beside an open grill, piled onto one or two soft tortillas and topped with onions, chopped cilantro, a spear or chunks of pineapple, and a dollop of salsa. This Mexican street food classic has Middle Eastern roots.


Better UW Photos

Image 2

Scuba Diving Resource has teamed up with award winning underwater Photographer Brook Petersen to provide Tutorials to improve your imaging.

Whether your new to underwater photography or advanced these expert tips and tutorials from Brook will help you improve your photographs.


Flight Cancelled, Delayed

Things to Do Immediately Next time you experience an air travel annoyance, these tips will help you rebook your flight, get compensation, and keep comfortable while you wait.

As airline passenger horror stories continue to pop up in the news, It’s important to learn everything you can about how to control your experience when things go wrong.  Frequent travelers have an arsenal of tools available to them when air travel doesn’t go as planned.

Follow these pro strategies next time you encounter a surprise disruption when traveling.

SDR Friends On Location Around the World

Check to see if you or any of your friends are  in this video.

Send us your Photos & Videos    For every photo & video you share, your entered an additional time in our DREAM DIVE TRIP GIVEAWAY.

Every Month, a Lucky SDR member will WIN a package to ST. GEORGE’ S CAYE RESORT, BELIZE

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Dive Travel Fitness

MR Mixed Race Man (age 31) & Mixed Race Woman (age 24), PR Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa, Bora Bora Island,  Society Islands, French Polynesia, South Pacific

Safety and performance for diving includes preparing for the varied physical effort required above and below the surface, training the body to cope with the stresses of pressure at depth, and maintaining good health to reduce risks associated with diving.

To be a better diver, the diver must also train out of the water. While diving is usually considered moderate-intensity activity, there are differences in the physical requirements for diving….

Aerobic & Resistance Training, Flexibility, Body Weight


Christmas Tree Worm

Christmas Tree Worm 1

We wish You a Happy Holiday Season

For those who celebrate Christmas, tree decorating comes once a year, but in the world’s tropical seas, ’tis always the season!

Christmas tree worms (Spirobranchus giganteus) are a type of polychaete a group of segmented worms that contains over 13,000 Species  And just like their cousins the sea Mice   and feather dusters unassuming invertebrates put on quite the eye -catching display.



Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Check out Scuba Diving Resource’s HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE for expert advice, reviews, and recommendations for the  diver or  ocean lover.

Practical or luxe, quirky or classic, these Unique gifts will send just the right message to the people you are oh-so grateful for this year.  Or maybe you deserve to buy yourself one of these great items.


Master of Camouflage


Scientists uncover how colorful pygmy seahorses camouflage themselves. 

Pygmy seahorses are fragile and tiny, they could have been included in our list of animals tiny enough to sit on your finger.

Yet their smallness becomes an advantage when combined with their amazing ability to disguise themselves as bits of coral. They’re found on bright orange or purple corals, blending in and avoiding the notice of predators.

But how did the seahorses come to be the right color? Biologists at the California Academy of Sciences set out to answer this question:

World's Largest Gathering

Whale Shark

 of Whale Sharks.    

TO SEE A single whale shark — the world’s largest fish, a solitary behemoth that can grow to school-bus size — is a rare experience.

Seeing hundreds gathered in one place is unprecedented.

 “It’s one of the most incredible gatherings of animals that’s ever been recorded. It’s mind-blowing,”  the idea of finding 400 in an area of the size of a couple football fields is unheard of.”


95 Year Old Vet Sets Record As World’s Oldest Scuba Diver

Ray Woolley broke his own record, which he set last year.  Then on Sept 1st, at the age of 95, he broke his own record.

He dived for 44 minutes at a depth of 133 feet off the coast of Cyprus, where he currently lives.

Woolley, who attributes his longevity to an active lifestyle, joined a group other divers to explore the Zenobia, a cargo ship wreck near the town of Larnaca.

“If I can inspire just one person to get up out of their chair and do something, then that’s great,” he said when he broke the record last year.


Shark Feeding Frenzy


One committed photographer spent a grand total of 3,000 dive hours trying to get the perfect shots, capturing beautiful images of a rare shark feeding frenzy.

Laurent Ballesta’s images show the glimmering gray reef sharks hunting in swift packs, flying through the water and feasting on the likes of helpless grouper.



Thailand – Important Update


Similan National Park New Regulations

Please be aware that new regulations released by the Thailand National Park Authority relating to entry in to the Similan National Park now dictate that a maximum of 525 divers may enter the Similan National Park each day. This means that we have to pre purchase entry tickets from 60 days prior to a cruise.


Subway Watersports Donation


Subway Watersports Donates Boat to Roatan Marine Park

Subway Watersports, the on-site dive operation at Turquoise Bay Dive Resort on RoatanHonduras, recently donated a 27-ft boat to the Roatan Marine Park to assist in that organization’s efforts to protect the vital Roatan marine environment. The boat, named the “Isabelle Sirenna”, was immediately put to use by Marine Park Officials who now regularly patrol the Northeastern sector of the island near where Turquoise Bay is located.  DETAIL

Vatu-i-Ra Conservation Park – Fiji

Mount Mutiny is a seamount. It’s named in honor of Captain Bligh, who charted it as he passed nearby shortly after the mutiny on the Bounty. Photo Credit: Nai'a live aboard

Stretching across the channel that links Fiji’s two main islands is a blue-green jewel of forest and reef.  Called Vatu-i-Ra, the seascape and its vibrant seas are laced with coral reefs, masses of colourful reef fish, and sea turtles, while the adjoining landscape of coastal forests is alive with crested iguanas, tree frogs, and sea birds.

Tourism Suncoast has been working with Wildlife Conservation Society, our communities from district of Nakorotubu in the province of Ra, the Ra Provincial office, the traditional/customary owners of Vatu-i-Ra Island to develop the Vatu-i-Ra Conservation Park.  FULL STORY

PSI / PCI Training Schedule at Dive Show


If you need to inspect tanks (or just want to learn about the process) you need this formal, recognized training.

PSI / PCI has conveniently schedules Training sessions around the USA’s Dive shows.

PSI-PCI, is the gold standard for visual cylinder inspection training, the only training recognized, endorsed and used by the cylinder manufacturers and recognized by USDOT, CGA, and other rule making entities.

PSI / PCI Training Schedule

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