5 Things You Can Do To Protect The Ocean


One can make a difference when it comes to your watershed and ocean health. Together,the little changes we take can make a huge difference. And remember, you don’t have to see the ocean to protect it.

Choose Sustainable Seafood

Your seafood diet can have an enormous impact on the ocean. By choosing sustainable seafood you are making a healthy choice for you and the environment. Look for sustainable seafood options and eat low on the food chain. Grab a Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch consumer guide or download the app! Visit 

Avoid Single-Use Plastic And Microbeads

Reduce your plastic footprint by bringing your own reusable bags and water bottles. Avoid personal care products that contain microbeads. Plastics of all sizes pose huge threats to ocean and river environments and wildlife.

Use Water Friendly Sunscreen

Protect your skin with chemical and toxin free sunscreens. Many of these ingredients lead to contamination of rivers and creeks as well as coral reefs. Avoid oxybenzone and instead look for natural mineral ingredients, such as titanium/zinc oxide.

Protect Your Backyard Watershed

The chemicals, oils, and waste from your lawns, gardens, and driveways are washed down the storm drain and directly into your closest body of water. Protect your local water quality and those of your downstream neighbors by reducing your pesticides, fertilizers, harmful detergents, and auto leaks. Don’t forget to pick up your pet waste!

Support Marine Protected Areas

Marine Protected Areas and National Marine Sanctuaries are ocean regions where human activity is limited and wildlife abounds. They are criticalto protecting our ecosystems. Think of them as our National Parks and Forests ofthe sea. Make your nexttrip to a Marine Protected Area and see the benefits of protection.

Source: Colorado Ocean Coalition, a project of The Ocean Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. ColoradoOcean.org

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