6 Must Have Travel Accessories


By  Ernie Arellano – Scuba Diving Resources

Passport? Check. Guidebook? Got it. Clean underwear? We’d never forget that!

After almost 50 years of travel to almost every continent for business and of course to dive. The accessories on this short list are ones that learned the very hard way I should always pack. These small lightweight & compact devices would of saved me from losing precious photos, drowned out travel noise, kept my devices nice and charged for emergency communication & my enjoyment, and helped my phone(s) survive a dunk in the water.

Whether for business or pleasure, travel can be fun, energizing, and exciting – or exhausting, frustrating, and boring. Learn from my mishaps and control – or at least minimize – many of the inevitable inconveniences with some advance preparation and the right equipment.

Life is too short not to venture out and feel the warmth of the tropical sun, play in the ocean or experience the local culture. Here’s to your travel vacation experience being everything you have ever dreamed about and much more.


A high-capacity external battery

Thankfully, battery life has gotten better over the years, and Android and iOS now have built-in low-power modes. That said. Nothing worse than being delayed in an airport and you have no battery life left to make those emergency calls.

phone case

A waterproof phone case

If your phone takes a dunk while in this case, you won’t have to run for the rice.  Phones get rained on dunked in the toilet, dropped in puddles, have drinks spilled all over them and to the bottom of the dive boat. Unfortunately I have personally experienced almost all the adore mentioned and an inexpensive bit of insurance would of saved me much aggravation and money.


A power converter

Don’t fry your electronics when you go overseas. This is latest coming from me, well-seasoned traveler who still managed to slip up last summer. A power converter is a power supply unit (PSU) that not only delivers energy to an electronic device from an electrical outlet, but also regulates the current to meet the devices specific requirements

power strip

A Power Strip

It gives you the ability to plug in multiple electronic devices. One outlet is usually all you’ll get overseas.  Power outlets are usually never where you want them in your room. It’ll be behind the bed or in the corner and your cord will never be long enough.

As Travelers & divers we have much more than our phones and tablets, we have cameras, computers, lights and many more devices that need to be charged.  AND if your sharing a room, then double the demand.  I buy inexpensive compact bars that I just leave with my host for future guests

Bose Quiet Comfort 2 Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones

For airplanes, sleeping in noisy hotels over the street, etc. whether you want to listen to crisp music without interruption or simply listen to the quiet without ambient noise. In some cities such as Cairo, people use their horns both night and day to talk to other drivers. The pre-dawn call to prayer can also startle you awake if your hotel window happens to face the mosque. Noise-cancelling headphones can be a life-saver in these situations.


An External Hard Drive

You can keep in your bag and use to back up photos, download other travelers photos and data while you’re traveling.  From my own personal experience and seeing many fellow divers it is a terrible experience to lose those once in a lifetime memoroies.

Portable storage comes in all shapes and sizes — tiny USB sticks, speedy solid state drives, rugged hard drives, wireless versions of everything, plus any number of different cards to put in phones and cameras. Portable storage comes in all shapes and sizes — tiny USB sticks, speedy solid state drives, rugged hard drives, wireless versions of everything, plus any number of different cards to put in phones and cameras.

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