American Immersion

A wonderful new book by Jenifer Idol.

About this book

Do you long for adventure?
Do you wish you could travel?
Do you have big dreams?

I applied rugged passion and dedication to complete a five-year journey in which I became the first woman to dive all 50 states. An American Immersion relives my journey. It shows what motivated my quest and how I transformed from a successful designer into a conservation artist to help the world around us. I overcame time and financial obstacles to illuminate our underwater resources through vivid photography.




In this book, you will:
•    Find inspiration through curiosity
•    Discover hidden beauty in U.S. waters
•    Understand how I constructed my quest
•    Experience my pursuit of self-exploration leading to unexpected adventure
•    Learn how I overcame obstacles
•    Follow a path leading to unexpected outcomes

The book is available for purchase: An American Immersion: How the first woman to dive all 50 states was transformed by her quest.
Available through Amazon and


“Big dreams often start with small steps. We can all learn from Jennifer Idol’s transformative journey, even if we never get near the water.”

– Chris Guillebeau
New York Times best-selling author of Born for This and The $100 Startup


“Expeditions are rewarding in both the journey and the destination. Jennifer Idol describes the abundance of diving opportunities in the U.S. while discovering much greater truths about the environment and her passion to protect it for future generations. Her book is a beautiful montage of great images and captivating stories held together with life lessons and personal enlightenment. I highly recommend following her journey and then diving into your own local diving.”

– Jill Heinerth


“It is always exciting to see women venturing where few others have gone before. With Jennifer’s accomplishment, she expands the status quo, leading other female divers to believe anything is possible with determination, dedication, training, and heart. It is inspiring to see female leaders like Jennifer within the dive industry leading the next generation of women into new territories inside this sport.”


“This is not about diving simply to check it off. It is about fulfilling a great idea and a wonderful quest and I recommend it highly. The photos are fabulous. The story is a fun read and an enjoyable way to learn about the value and variety of water in the USA.” 




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