Archipiélgo de Revillagigedo Inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List


Along with 7 other sites  July 2016   

Archipiélgo de Revillagigedo (Mexico) – Located in the eastern Pacific Ocean, this archipelago is made up of four remote islands and their surrounding waters: San Benedicto, Socorro, Roca Partida and Clarión. This archipelago is part of a submerged mountain range, with the four islands representing the peaks of volcanoes emerging above sea level. The islands provide critical habitat for a range of wildlife and are of particular importance for seabirds. The surrounding waters have a remarkable abundance of large pelagic species, such as manta rays, whales, dolphins and sharks. 

As Divers we have been fortunate to have known and experienced just how special the Revillagideo Archipelago and Socorro Island are.  And are excited the rest of the world is being introduced and this area will be honored and hopefully protected even more.

MANTAS are claimed to be  the fame for Socorro Islands! But there is much more. more..These islands are a spectacular magnet for the large ocean pelagic animals.  Sometimes called “Mexico’s Little Galapagos”or “Mexican Galapagos”.

While Mantas are the Socorro’s islands claim to fame; these graceful giants are the most majestic creatures in the ocean and can grow up almost 8m wide. They can be seen in most of the dive sites around the area, one of the best at San Benedicto Island called “The Boiler”. This is a popular cleaning station for mantas and it usually will only take a matter of minutes for one to turn up.

The manta of this area are very friendly and curious about divers so will interact will you and get very close! They tend to swim around you and are genuinely thought to enjoy the interaction with divers and will hang around the whole time you are there. This exhilarating experience can’t fail to put a smile on any divers face, and is worth the long journey in itself.

Humpback Whales that visit the Socorro’s during the cooler months of late Jan to early April and can get up to 1200 in number in the surrounding waters. These are frequently spotted on the surface and some lucky divers may even get the chance to swim with them underwater! Although this isn’t guaranteed the encounters are increasing every year and even if you don’t see these gentle giants whilst diving, you are made aware of their presence by the whale song that you can hear on almost every dive……so enjoy the music!

Sharks, If that wasn’t enough many species of Sharks are frequently seen such as Silky, Galapagos, Hammerhead, Whitetip and Silvertip, Reef and occasionally if lucky even some Tiger sharks.

Dolphins are also seen around the islands and can be most frequently sighted from January to March with your best chance to swim and dive with them around Socorro Island. These dolphins over the last few years have started to imitate the Mantas and will also interact and imitate the divers, some have even been known to hang on the line with divers on their safety stops.

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