Become A Diveheart Adaptive Dive Buddy!


Do you want to be part of an Adaptive Dive Team that helps divers with disabilities?  Imagine the Possibilities !!
Become a Diveheart Adaptive Dive Buddy This Year!

 Learn to build confidence in the lives of children, adults, and veterans!

 Discover the power of the pool by helping at our local programs!

 Participate in trips geared towards adaptive divers around the globe!

 Experience hands-on empathy training!

 Take Courses throughout the year!

 Sign- up TODAY!


Chicago in July!
July 17- 23rd at Diveheart’s Headquarters in Downer’s Grove, IL!

Cozumel in August!
August 12th-19th with Dive Paradise at Hotel Cozumel in Mexico!

Chicago in September!
Aug 31st- Sept 10th at Diveheart’s Headquarters in Downer’s Grove, IL!

Tampa in October!
Oct 22nd – 29th with our Tampa and St. Pete Team in Florida!

Cozumel in December!
December 9th-16th with Dive Paradise at Hotel Cozumel in Mexico!

There is a training every month at Rainbow Reef Dive Center in Florida!

Diveheart Buddy and Instructor Training Course Diveheart’s instructors have taught individuals of all capabilities, from all over the world, to scuba dive, and YOU are invited to join this elite group of dedicated buddies and instructors!!

The Mission of The Diveheart Instructor/Buddy Course is to train individuals to build confidence, independence and self-esteem in the lives of children, adults and veterans with disabilities through scuba diving, scuba therapy, and related activities. We want to train our buddies and instructors to extend Diveheart’s vision to instill the “can do” spirit in participants, inspiring them to take on challenges that they may not have considered before. Using zero gravity and the adventure paradigm, we help participants believe that, if they can scuba dive, they can do anything.

Empathy Training If you haven’t experienced what your adaptive diver will experience, you do not have the tools to help and teach them to be comfortable and confident. Diveheart’s empathy training will give you those tools. Empathy training will allow you to experience what it is like to dive with a disability. During confined water training, you will dive as a blind individual, amputee, paraplegic, and a quadriplegic. You will be put into basic skill scenarios that would arise while diving, and experience the scenarios as your future adaptive diver would experience it. You will also take turns being the able-bodied buddy that helps your adaptive buddy in all of those scenarios. In this way, Diveheart helps our buddies and instructors gain a cohesive understanding for what it means to be part of a Diveheart Adaptive Dive Team.

Diveheart Buddy/Instructor Training Consists of Three Parts: online training, reading the manual, and hands-on training in the water! We have three courses that correspond to the able-bodied diver’s recreational experience level. Upon gaining the experience to upgrade from one certification to the next, you only pay the difference between the two classes. The prices of the online course and manual are set prices. The open water portion is separate and can fluctuate depending on what location you compete your training at.

 Adaptive Buddy Course: $200 (online) + $70 (manual )+ ~$180 (pool & open water) = ~$450

 Advanced Adaptive Buddy Course: $250 (online) + $70 (manual) + ~$180 (pool & open water) = ~$500

 Adaptive Instructor Course: $350 (online) +$110 (manuals)+ ~$310 (pool & open water) = ~$770


Mandatory Pre-Water Course Requirements:

 Meet course prerequisites. These can be found under the Training Tab at

 Read required manual and complete on-line component of the training program and required paperwork.

 Students can go to to get links to register for the on-line training and purchase the manual.


Equipment needed:

 Full set of scuba gear with wet suit.

 Tanks/weights are limited, please bring your own if possible.

 There will be a fee if any additional open water boat dives are added.

 Students are responsible for arranging and covering any needed travel or lodging.

For more information, please visit, email [email protected], or call 630.964.1983

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