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Source: alamBatu Resort, Bali-Indonesia

Since March 2018 alamBatu is offering the unique experience of Blackwater Diving to its guests.

These special night dives are conducted up to 1000 meters offshore in deep water environment, far away from any reefs. The 2 – 4 divers joined by at least 1 dive guide are drifting along an illuminated, weighted line in a depth up to maximum 15 meters, while the crew is observing the group from the boat at all time to make sure all safety standards are met.

This unique experience gives the diver (especially critter lovers and macro photographer) the chance to witness never before seen subjects such as the paper nautilus, moon jellies, flying fish, jellyfish and many, many more weird creatures coming up from the deep.

Divers are required to have at least 50 logged dives and previous night dive experience to join blackwater dives.

The underwater world in Bali offers a great variety of species. Located in the southwestern part of the coral triangle, the richness of the coral reefs is unique. More than 3.500 species have been discovered here. The Indonesian current is in charge of transporting plankton to the reefs around Bali. This very important current transports the water from the Pacific Ocean, via Java and Banda Sea, to the Indian Ocean. This optimal geographic situation guarantees the great diversity of fish, coral, and critters; including nudibranchs, rhinopias, ghost pipe fish, cowries, boxer crabs, mimic octopus, wonderpus and many more.

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alamBatu – Beach Bungalow Resort

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