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8 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About the Great Blue Hole

Legendary researcher Jacques Cousteau made this massive underwater sinkhole famous, but he wasn’t the first to dive its deep blue waters.

As one of the world’s most recognizable natural wonders, Belize’s Great Blue Hole draws hordes of snorkelers and divers every year to marvel at its size and beauty. But there’s more to the underwater sinkhole than meets the eye. Read more

March 3, 2019 |

Wakatobi Resort Goes Solar

01 February 2019

Wakatobi Resort will soon be tied into a solar power station that will supply a substantial portion of the property’s electrical power needs. Wakatobi’s efforts to bring solar power to the region date back more than a dozen years. Read more

March 1, 2019 |

How to Apply Marie Kondo’s Life-Changing Magic to Packing


Does your suitcase spark joy? Travel can be messy, but Marie Kondo believes your luggage doesn’t need to be.

“Does it spark joy?” It’s a question that has taken over the world in 2019, thanks to Marie Kondo and her hit Netflix show about decluttering, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. But now it no longer only refers to her method of getting rid of things in your house that don’t make you happy—it’s a question we are asking ourselves about any killjoys in our lives. Read more

February 28, 2019 |

Spotted Eagle Ray

Fly like an eagle – underwater

The eagle is a majestic bird, unfurling its long wings to soar effortlessly through the air.

So it makes sense that the species of ray that also has long wings – stretching at times over 7 feet from tip to tip – to knife seemingly effortlessly along the ocean floor in search of food has come to be known as the eagle ray. Consider it the eagle of the ocean, swooping along in constant search for food. Read more

February 26, 2019 |

8 Great Rum Cocktails to Make at Home

If rum isn’t a staple in your summertime drinking regimen, you’re doing something very wrong.

What other spirit can instantly transport you to a beach vacation in the tropics? Whether you kneel at the altar of Tiki or are just an occasional Daiquiri dabbler, chances are there’s a rum drink perfect for you. Not sure where to start?

These are 8 rum cocktails you can mix at home right now. Read more

February 25, 2019 |

How sea snakes, surrounded by salt water, quench their thirst

Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink. Such is the lot in life for thirsty sea snakes—and yet they’ve found a way to thrive.

Most yellow-bellied sea snakes spend their entire lives at sea. They rarely end up on land and are vulnerable there, since their paddle-shaped tails and keeled undersides make crawling difficult. Armed with potent venom, they drift in a vast territory that encompasses much of the world’s oceans, riding the currents and hunting fish near the sea surface. Read more

February 22, 2019 |
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