Bugs, Bugs, Bugs


By Bonnie McKenna

If you are anything like me, when you get bit by mosquitos or no-see-ums, you will scratch the bites until you dig a hole in your skin.

Bugs love me. My husband, standing beside me, never gets a bite. Not fair!

I have tried every known solution to stop the incessant itch these insects leave on my skin. Calamine lotion, pressing an X into the bite with my finger nail, numbing agents, mind control, ice, OTC hydro-cortisone cream, baking soda paste, wet tea bag, oatmeal bath, heat up a spoon and apply to the bite and lastly, my favorite: don’t scratch. Are you kidding?

So far, my best go-to solution to banish the itch has been the dishwashing liquid soap Blue Dawn. It works, but for some reason I forget to bring a bottle of the soap with me when I am traveling to bug infested places.

Recently, at the Long Beach dive show, I reconnected with Lita Davis who formulated a homeopathic solution: Lita’s NoSeeUmNoMore® insect repellent and insect bite itch relief.

Lita’s No-See-Um No More® prevents, and treats, insect bites.

While talking about insect bites and itching, Lita told me that perhaps her insect repellent could take away the itch from fire ant bites. After returning from the show, out in my garden, unknowingly I stepped on a fire ant hill; I can happily report that Lita’s worked.

Lita’s insect repellent is an all-natural, eco-friendly, dual purpose product that prevents insect bites and soothes the itch from insect bites. It consists of essential oils (Sesame, Patchouli and Tea Tree) and does not contain DEET, synthetic chemicals or diluents.

I just returned from Madagascar and believe me there are plenty of biting insects there, but thanks to Lita’s they avoided me.

My suggestion to all who suffer intense itching from insect bites, give Lita’s product a try.

To read about Lita and learn about her product, go to: www.NoSeeUmNoMore.com.

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