Writing a Business Description

Writing a business description for your business can make it really stand out on our website. It will also help Scuba Diving  Resource users find you easier when they search. Ensure the copy is keyword rich and meaningful.

SOME POINTERS to get you started.

Make it snappy. Keep business descriptions to 3-6 lines of text (up to 600 characters, including spaces). If the description is more than 300 characters, add read more link to your website.

Be original. Do not copy business descriptions direct from other websites (especially other directories) as this will negatively affect the search function and content may be copyright.

Use good keywords. Ensure the copy is keyword rich and meaningful. Keywords are words consumers use when searching. Imagine how you might search for something in Google, e.g. Dive Sites, Products, Features

Keep it real. Don’t make any claims which can’t be substantiated (the best pizza in town!) and don’t use brand names that the business is not permitted to use.

Write with flair. Add a bit of warmth and personality. This makes the description easier to read and we’ll sound less like a stuffy corporate.


  • Ensure the copy is clear, spell checked and grammatically correct
  • Illustrate key points of differentiation, special characteristics and what makes them great
  • Tune into their brand and reflect the vibe of the business
  • Avoid abbreviations, symbols and text speak


  • Badly spell and grammatically incorrect copy
  • Borrowing copy from elsewhere on the web
  • Being irrelevant to that category
  • Blandness and repetition


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