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Underwater Winery


This Underwater Winery Lets You Dive for Your Vino

Source: Rachelle Dragon – AZULA

At one Croatia winery, the sea isn’t just a sparkling backdrop. It’s also the wine cellar. Edivo Winery, Croatia’s first underwater winery, believes the cool, mysterious waters of the Adriatic Sea are the perfect place to store its wines. Read more

May 19, 2017 |

Mermaid Water Cocktail

Source: Tipsy Bartender

The Mermaid Water Cocktail is the type of drink that will have you asking if you ever feel like a pirate. If you want to feel the gentle breeze of the ocean punch you in the mouth, then this is a drink for you. Read more

April 10, 2017 |

Easiest Best Snacks Ever

Your Pretzels Are About to Get Spicy

The best cocktail snacks are salty, crunchy and spicy, and this simple one-two combo delivers. Store-bought pretzel rods are sunk into a fiery chile oil. They’re perfect alongside an ice cold beer.—Jessica Battilana Read more

December 28, 2016 |

How to Make Holiday Drinks With or Without Booze


As the holiday season ramps up, chances are you’ll find yourself hosting a fete, dishing out appetizers and whipping up some fun, festive cocktails for your guests. But without fail, you’ll also need to provide libations for people who don’t or can’t drink booze, such as your pregnant best friend, a detoxing neighbor, underage revelers and teetotalers. But why subject them to boring soda when you can create a line up of beverages that taste amazing with or without liquor. For your next holiday party, try one of these five concoctions, and wow the whole crowd. Read more

December 7, 2016 |

Top 10 Beach Drinks

What’s the best way to enjoy your own after dive  party? On the beach or in your backyard. Because, really, it’s all about the right state of mind. That, and the right cocktail.  Blend bright juices and passion fruit rum.  Mix up some big-batch cocktails to serve your dive buddies


Top 10 Beach Drinks from National Geographic.
Read more

November 4, 2016 |
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