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How I learned to take my photos from blah to ahhhh

By Bonnie McKenna

Months ago, I read, either in a dive magazine or somewhere online, that Backscatter had scheduled a photography course in Little Cayman on April 7-14, 2018. The course offered to demystify the techniques needed to become a better wide-angle photographer, and there would be instruction on post processing. Read more

June 11, 2018 |

Shark feeding frenzy

Source: Yahoo News

One committed photographer spent a grand total of 3,000 dive hours trying to get the perfect shots, capturing beautiful images of a rare shark feeding frenzy. Laurent Ballesta’s images show the glimmering gray reef sharks hunting in swift packs, flying through the water and feasting on the likes of helpless grouper. Read more

June 8, 2018 |

Photo Tips For Your Travel – SUNRISE OVER SAND AND SEA

We call it the golden hour for a reason. Yes, sunrise and sunset are both beautiful and serene, but they also happen to provide the perfect amount of light and color to transform an ordinary photo into one worthy of record-breaking Instagram likes. We’re breaking down the ideal sunrise photography session based on location. Read more

March 5, 2018 |

Tips for taking great underwater photos from the Pros

Source: by Fred Garth for CNN

Seems like everyone’s a halfway decent photographer these days thanks to better gear, flashy phones and clever digital filters. When it comes to underwater photography, though, few people have what it takes. Perfect sub-aquatic images involve a new level of skills, like framing a shot while maintaining buoyancy and not getting eaten by predators. So where to start?

Read more

June 7, 2017 |
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