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Why choose a live-aboard dive trip?

If you are a diver and have not yet done a trip on a live-aboard, here are some thoughts about why considering a live-aboard dive trip in your next trip.

A live-aboard is a larger boat with cabins so that divers live directly on board for the duration of the trip. This arrangement allows the boat to move further away from shore support and explore more remote dive areas or dive in several different areas, all during the same trip. Read more

January 18, 2018 |

Can you be too old to buy dive travel insurance?

By Bonnie McKenna

I have never thought of myself as old, despite my chronological age telling me so. I am in good physical shape, I have been diving since I was 14-years old, I work-out 5-6 days a week, don’t take medications, travel internationally and have a sunny, bright outlook on life. The idea of being old was rudely brought to my attention when I attempted to purchase travel insurance. Read more

January 8, 2018 |

6 Must Have Travel Accessories

By  Ernie Arellano – Scuba Diving Resources

Passport? Check. Guidebook? Got it. Clean underwear? We’d never forget that!

After almost 50 years of travel to almost every continent for business and of course to dive. The accessories on this short list are ones that learned the very hard way I should always pack. These small lightweight & compact devices would of saved me from losing precious photos, drowned out travel noise, kept my devices nice and charged for emergency communication & my enjoyment, and helped my phone(s) survive a dunk in the water. Read more

January 7, 2018 |

Lost Egyptian City Artifacts Unearthed After 1,200 Years Under Sea


What Scientists Just Found Deep In The Ocean Is Seriously Unbelievable. I’m Still In Shock!

It is a city shrouded in myth, swallowed by the Mediterranean Sea and buried in sand and mud for more than 1,200 years. But now archeologists are unearthing the mysteries of Heracleion, uncovering amazingly well-preserved artifacts that tell the story of a vibrant classical-era port. Read more

November 10, 2017 |

Bali volcano latest update: Volcano warning downgraded as Mount Agung activity calms

Updated: Nov 2, 2017

THE ALERT status of Bali’s highest volcano Mount Agung has been lowered after more than a month of intense seismic activity, though experts have warned that an eruption could still occur at any time.

Mount Agung’s alert status was downgraded from level four to level three on Sunday, after seismic activity underneath the volcano showed signs of abating. Read more

November 9, 2017 |
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