Celebrate Earth Day – Beach Clean Up @ Bunaken National Park


Source: Tasik Ria Resort

In order to commemorate Earth Day, Balai Bunaken National Park (BTNB) with the community, local government, and tourists doing Malendong Clean-Bunaken activities on Saturday (28/04/2018).


This ocean and beach clean-up activity involves more than 200 people from BTNB, Environment Agency of North Sulawesi Province, Manado City Government – Bunaken Islands Subdistrict, Lantamal VIII Manado, to tour travel as well as several dive centers. They perform garbage clearance at some underwater dots, surface, and Bunaken mainland.

Representatives from various dive centers are tasked with removing waste from the bottom and sea level. Among others, diving spots in Fukui dives, Alung Banua, Tawara, Gaps, Likuan I, Likuan II, and Likuan III. As well as diving points of Mukan Kampung, and Bunaken Timur. While the mainland is in Liang Beach, Kampung Bunaken Beach, and Alung Banua. Those who did not dive to take garbage at the top of the waters, started from the Village Bunukan Mukan.


Quoted from the press release BTNB to KompasTravel , Monday (30/4/2018), Head of BTNB Farianna said Bunaken Clean Malendong activities aimed at building awareness in preserving the environment. Malendong  in Indonesian has a meaning together.

“It should be invested from now on, must be sustainable, and malendong overcome the problem of waste in the sea,” said Farianna.

Chairman of Malendong Cleaning Committee Bunaken, Nikolas Loli said that the garbage taken by participants was weighed and then separated between wood and plastic waste. At the end of the activity collected 300 bags and 1,121 kilograms of plastic waste raised from the inside and sea surface.


While the waste in the mainland is generally a mixture of litter and wood pieces, temporarily left in Bunaken with a total weight of 1263 kg. “On this occasion we are also transporting the garbage collected by the Bunaken janitor for the last three weeks, as many as 250 bags of plastic waste we lift today with an average weight of four to five kilograms, a total of up to two tons, if accumulated with the activities of Malendong this is more than two tons of waste, “said Niko.

It was a great day, as you can see there was 1.5 tons of trash taken out of the sea and beaches. It was a great team effort and we here at Tasik Ria will be continuing the effort.

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