A complete Guide to Midwest Scuba Diving


Midwest Dive Guide Hits the Bookshelves!

By boat, from Shore or by dive, enjoying the world famous waters of the great lakes. 

The Midwest Dive Guide is a comprehensive review of the diving throughout the entire Midwest and feature an extensive summary of the diving and dive sites in each state.  The guide covers  15 states and two countries, including the entire Midwest from the Ohio/Pennsylvania boarder to as far west as the Dakota and as far south as Kentucky.  Contributions from your local dive shop owners, dive masters, dive experts and local divers who Know.

MWdiveguideThe Dive Guide is part of a larger book series to cover all of North America and promote local diving on a national scale. The goal of the book series is to promote local diving and the local diving community by helping new divers become more active in the sport – locally, where it really matters. The first in the series of guide books covering all of North America   By boat, from shore or by dive, this guide promotes the scuba diving in the Great Lakes and Midwest.

· Detailed Maps to Dive Sites

· Nautical Chart and Depth Profiles

· Understanding Midwest Weather

· Important Dive Safety Considerations

· Annual Calendar of Events

· Local Dive Directory of shops and clubs

Paperback Our Price: $29.95

Pick one up at your local dive retailer or buy on AMAZON 


For more information about the Dive News Network or to reserve your copy, find us online at www.divenewsnetwork.com or email rickstratton.dnn@gmail.com or call (360) 639-8205 and ask for Rick Stratton.

About the Publisher:  Rick Stratton, a former US Navy carrier pilot,  has been an active diver and publisher for more than 20 years. Owner of Northwest, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest Dive News, he loves diving and sharing the sport locally – where it really matters. The mission of the Dive News Network is to promote the sport of scuba diving in each region.

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