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Paradise Taveuni Resort

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Vuna Road, Waiyevo, na, Fiji, na, Fiji

Reviewed on August 18, 2015. #1 of 5 Reviews

We visited Paradise for the second time in June. The name paradise is an understatement for all of the natural beauty of the landscape of the resort as well as the staff working there and the local Fijians who you can meet during any number of excursions. It just does not do the resort justice to simply say it is fantastic. The staff is friendly and always smiling, the food is 5 star and the diving is unbelievable.

Diving on the SomoSomo Straights with rainbow reef, the white wall and purple wall as well as all the other dive sites in magnificent. The water clarity and abundance of fish life is spectacular. I have never seen such vibrant colors and healthy coral growth anywhere else on the planet. The dive staff are all great from the couple managing the dive shop to all of the Dive Masters especially Christine and Salote are all fantastic.

While there,we took the opportunity to take a day trip to Rabi island and to make several dives along the way. The day trip was topped of by local school kids dancing in native costumes for us. The excitement of the kids was definitely contagious and it was a tremendous honor to get to see them perform.

All told, if you are looking for pure tropical paradise with world class diving, food, and people, Paradise Taveuni is definitely the place to go. We will definitely be back again.

Rocio Del Mar

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602 272 2522

N/A, Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico, NA, undefined

Reviewed on August 18, 2015. #1 of 6 Reviews

Just finished a week of diving off the Rocio Del Mar around the Midriff Islands in the Sea of Cortez. Everything about the trip was 5 star. We started the trip from Colorado and a short flight to Phoenix. From there it is only a short 4 hour van ride to Puerto Penasco where we boarded the Rocio Del Mar. At the very first view, the cabins and the beds are small, being 6’8″ tall, I was not sure how the week would go as far as sleeping arrangements. The reality is after a day of eat, dive, rinse and repeat, nobody should have trouble falling into deep sleep! The boat had everything we needed and the crew was fantastic. The food was plentiful and delicious, especially when they served Mexican food, it was terrific and authentic cuisine. Several birthdays, and anniversaries were celebrated with special cakes that definitely topped off each day.

The diving operation was top notch. During peak preparation for a dive, the dive deck was a little crowded but manageable. In some spots, the dive deck is very hot due to lack of circulation but it is Mexico after all and could be fixed with a couple well placed fans to move some air. The camera table was large and accommodated many divers that were using cameras and there were plenty of outlets to recharge camera batteries. All the diving takes place from Pangas (inflatable Zodiacs) that allow divers to easily get close to the dive sites. Entry was always coordinated back rolls (IMHO more fun than a giant stride!) and an easy climb up the ladder after passing all your gear up to the crew. Dive masters were great at finding small and large marine life for divers to see and photograph. Special call out to Pato who was our DM for the week. Pato was a great guide and very well informed on all aspects of the trip as well as all his other boat duties. Hopefully the Rocio Del Mar management appreciates their great staff and should keep them around.

The water visibility was not great, if you are expecting clarity like the Caribbean then you may be going to the wrong place. For the most part it was probably 40-50 feet although hard to really measure. The upside is the visibility is mostly effected by krill, plankton and other “stuff” that other marine life feeds on, so they are there in large numbers. The definite high points included diving with the Sea Lions, and an abundance of macro life like nudibranch.

We topped the week off with a morning of snorkeling with Whale Sharks near Bahia de los Angeles. Having spent many a dive trip in search of Whale Sharks, this is the place to go. The most amazing experience being in the water with many whale sharks as they gracefully feed at the surface. To me, a once in a lifetime experience that cannot be topped. A few weeks later and I can still close my eyes and see them swimming bye. During this excursion we also took a rest break on a small deserted beach that was rugged and beautiful.

All told, the week on the Rocio Del Mar was one of the best dive trips we have done and I would recommend it to anyone who loves diving!

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