Scuba Diving Australia and New Zealand

There is truly nothing like Scuba Diving Australia and New Zealand.

They are unique destinations highlighted by the diverse diving environments that make up this divers paradise.

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Australia – Will be vastly different, depending upon where you plan to dive.  It is most famous for the Great Barrier Reef in the state of Queensland.  However, scuba diving in South Australia brings you into Great White Shark territory. Then, about half way up the coast of Western Australia is the well known Ningaloo Reef, famous for whales, whale sharks and manta rays.  Plus, further south along the Western Australia coast are a pair of ships that have been sunk as dive sites, as well.  Australia is the home to a very well developed dive industry.

There are dive shops in most coastal locations.  Towns like Cairns, the entry city for the Great Barrier Reef, has a dive shop on nearly every corner and dive charter boats heading to the Great Barrier Reef nearly hourly.  There are also several live-aboards available both for the Great Barrier Reef and also in Western Australia, serving Ningaloo.

The cold waters of Tasmania produce giant kelp with all of it’s associated creatures.  While, even further south, New Zealand is home to a marine reserve that has been rated as one of the world’s top five dive locations.

New Zealand is under rated as one of the top diving destinations. New Zealand has miles of accessible coastlines, marine reserves and hundreds of offshore islands, it’s  underwater world is vast and diverse.

Scuba Diving New Zealand includes dive wrecks, drop-offs and sub-tropical reefs in clean, clear waters. You can explore huge kelp forests, swim with school fish or alongside dolphins. For a different adventure and experience, try kayak diving or a descent after dark.

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