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A beautiful Caribbean island with great diving & the best hiking in the region.

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Rising 4800 feet from the sea, the small island boasts well over 300 fresh clear rivers. Dominica is beauty unspoiled. Culture preserved. A diver’s dream and hiker’s paradise. The trailhead to adventure and discovery, unlike any other Caribbean destination. Dominica boasts volcanic peaks, the second largest lake of  boiling water and underwater champagne springs. Sparkling waterfalls, rushing streams and rainforest canopies. Dominica is a celebration of music, art and flowers. It is nature’s island. The diving off Dominica is as rich and varied as its topside attractions.

In Dominica, every trail across the island leads you to discover nature’s pristine environment with a touch of adventure.

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On the west side of Dominica you will find dive sites that will satisfy your thirst for adventure. The west side of the island features beautiful reefs dropping off to sandy bottoms and spectacular currents for unforgettable drift dives. A photographers paradise with colorful sponges and corals providing the macro photographer with striking compositions. Filled with mini caves and swim through, the west side if the island should not be missed.


The southwest area of Dominica contains some of the worlds most interesting sights. Here you will experience underwater hot springs and champagne bubbles, warm sandy bottoms, and see many species of marine life. At night, the reef explodes with life! Huge crustaceans are common sightings. Seahorses, large schools of fish, breathtaking pinnacles, and dramatic topography will provide your dive with unforgettable sights.


On the northwest you will find one of Dominica’s wrecks sitting in shallows depths. An 18th century wreck sitting on 15-35 ft of water. Canyons, pinnacles, slopes, invertebrates and curious fish are just some of the sights you will experience. Don’t miss the wonderful canyons, walls and drop offs covered in beautiful corals and sponges. In particular, Toucari Bay is located here which boasts its variety of marine life and a honeycomb of swim-through tunnels.

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DIVE SEASON: You can dive Dominca all year long, but the tropical, rainy season runs from June through November. Being located in the Caribbean, the island is potentially susceptible to hurricanes and other storms which can be very dangerous and destructive. If planning to visit the island between the months of June through November be sure to get an accurate weather forecast before departing.

WATER VISIBILITY: Generally the visibility is 18+meters/80+  feet. During the rainy season (roughly June through November) visibility can dip below the usual.

WATER TEMPERATURE: Nice warm water, varying 78f-84f all year long.

CURRENT: Usually light, but can rise in strength depending on location.

WEATHER: As it is located in a tropical zone, the island of Dominica does not experience a great deal of variation in its average temperature throughout the year. During the day, the island’s temperature averages around 85 degrees F, while at night it averages in the low 70’s. Although Dominica’s temperature’s do not vary greatly from month to month, the island’s average amount of precipitation does. Dominica has a rainy season each year from June through November, the rest of the year also seeing rain, just not in as large amounts. Dominica also gets an average of eight hours of sunlight per day all year long.

SKILL LEVELS: Divers of all levels will find Dominica exciting. From shallow to deep, Dominica’s dive sites all provide amazing experiences. Deep diving experience or advanced training is recommended at some sites due to depth and current. Wreck training is recommended for divers interested in exploring various wrecks.

MARINE LIFE: Many different species of colorful reef fish abound along the reefs of Dominica. Sponges of every size and shape dominate the landscape while colorful and diverse corals fill in every available void. Scuba divers will be able to see unusual behaviors and interactions that are not normally seen on other Caribbean reefs. Marine life that is often secretive elsewhere, have adapted to a less secure life. Marine organisms are often more approachable, relying more on camouflage rather than cover for survival. Scuba divers should also pay close attention to the intensely packed microcosms that exist in the sponges. Within the towering spires of barrel sponges, dozens of species may be found in residence, each competing for a small niche in a suitably porous and protective host.

Credited Underwater images: Dive Dominica


CLIMATE: During the day, the island’s temperature averages around 85 degrees F, while at night it averages in the low 70’s. Dominica has a rainy season each year from June through November, the rest of the year also seeing rain, just not in as large amounts.

LANGUAGE: English is the official language of Dominica however, because of historic French occupation, Antillean Creole, based on French, is spoken by many people on the island.

ELECTRICITY: Electricity is 230 volts, but many hotels have dual 220/110 voltage. Check with them before your arrive.

CURRENCY & CREDIT CARDS:  Dominica’s currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar, fixed to the United States dollar, currently trades at a rate of $2.67(EC) to $1(USD).  However, the United States dollar, the euro, the British pound, and the Eastern Caribbean dollar are all widely accepted as currency on Dominica.  Major credit cards and traveler’s checks are typically accepted by businesses, though small vendors may not accept them.

GRATUITIES:  When service charges are not included in the bill, travelers should tip 10 percent to 15 percent. If you are uncertain as to how much to tip housekeeping staff, you may wish to ask your hotel representatives about typical tipping procedures.

PHONE & INTERNET SERVICE:  Dominica has very dependable cell phone service. High speed cable and wireless service is avaialbe in practically all hotels, bed & breakfasts, etc.  Internet cafes can be located in Roseau and Portsmouth.

VISA & PASSPORT REQUIREMENTS:  A passport valid for six months and a return ticket are required for all visitors.  Visas are not required for nationals from the US, UK, EU, Canada and Australia.  All other nationals should check with the Embassy of Dominica for visa requirements.

CUSTOMS:  Customs exemptions for visitors are similar to other countries in the Caribbean.

DEPARTURE TAX: A departure tax of EC$59 or US$23 is assessed at the airport prior to departure. This tax can  only be paid in cash, either with EC or US dollars.


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