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Guadeloupe is a beautiful island in tune with nature. Pigeon Island and the Jacques Cousteau Underwater Park is one of the world’s best dive destinations.




Guadeloupe is located south of Antigua and north of Dominica.  It has over 150 miles of coastline, and although not all of it offers good diving, the extent of the coastline means that there are a number of nice diving areas.

The Guadeloupe Archipelago includes the large islands of Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre, the nearby islands of Marie-Galante and La Desirade and numerous smaller islands.

The Guadeloupe cuisine and surroundings are decidedly French, and the beaches, casinos and nightlife are all first-class.



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Due to it’s volcanic structure, Guadeloupe if rated as one of the top diving destinations.



Pigeon Island is the site of the Cousteau Marine Park. Despite its popularity as a dive destination, the marine life is in good condition. All the sites are buoyed and this has obviously contributed greatly to the preservation of the reefs. There are also 2 wrecks near Pigeon Island.

One of the best dive sites is Sec Pate – a row of underwater pinnacles that look like witches hats.  Amazing quantity of fish and sponges.  Watch out for the strong currents!

Basse Terre: The west coast of Basse Terre is steep sided and almost every headland would make a good dive.

Grand Cul de Sac Marin: Several miles of reef have developed in the sheltered waters in the north between the two sides of Guadeloupe. Much of the area has been declared a marine park and access is restricted.

Iles des Saintes: Iles des Saintes has a full complement of diving, which is quite separate from the rest of Guadeloupe’s sites. One of Guadeloupe’s most spectacular sites is north of Iles des Saintes.

Not all of the operators speak English so check the book for details if you do not speak French and want to find an English speaking operator.


DIVE SEASON:  Year around

VISIBILITY:   50 to 70 feet (16-20m), with occasional 100’ occurrences.


WEATHER:  The average temperature in Guadeloupe is 82°F (28°C) in summer, dropping to an average of 76°F (24°C) in winter. The rainiest months are between June and October.


CLIMATE: The average temperature in Guadeloupe is 82°F (28°C) in summer, dropping to an average of 76°F (24°C) in winter. The rainiest months are between June and October.

LANGUAGE: French is the official language but Guadeloupeans speak a French-lexified Creole that dates back to the time of colonization and slavery.

ELECTRICITY:  Voltage in Guadeloupe is 220 AC, 60 cycles.

CURRENCY & CREDIT CARDS: Currency in Guadeloupe is the euro.  Major credit cards are accepted throughout the island, but small vendors, taxis, and other businesses may accept cash only.

GRATUITIES: Unlike many islands in the Caribbean, the people of Guadeloupe don’t expect to receive a tip on top of the already implemented surcharge, and gratuities are not considered a tradition.

PHONE & INTERNET SERVICE: Before you travel, check with your service provider to determine if your phone will work in Guadeloupe. During your travels, you may be able to purchase an adaptor chip or SIM card for your phone, or rent a portable phone from one of the local companies. It’s best look into these options at the airport in Guadeloupe upon arrival.  Many hotels and resorts in Guadeloupe have wi-fi available.

VISA & PASSPORT REQUIREMENTS:  Travelers coming from North America and Europe need only a passport in order to visit Guadeloupe, an overseas territory of France. Travelers coming from other destinations, or those who visit with a purpose other than tourism, may need a visa in order to enter the country.

CUSTOMS: Tourists in Guadeloupe are permitted to bring personal items, such as tobacco and film, into the country without tax as long as items are not brought in excessive quantities.

DEPARTURE TAX:  A departure tax of about $22 is included in your airfare.


Guadeloupe Tourism Information



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