Scuba Diving North America

Looking for the TOP Diving Destination in North America?

Fortunately for those who live in North America, some of the best dive spots in the World are located not far from home.


Not every dive site worth visiting is located a 10-hour flight from home. In fact,  many of the best places to dive are waiting in your own backyard. And for those coming from abroad, there is NO reason for a visit without getting in some of the best scuba diving that the USA and Canada have to offer.

The sheer scale and size of the continent of North America offers a huge array of various types of scuba diving, catering for both novices and experts alike. Whether you want to explore shipwrecks or caves, come face to face with marine life of all sizes, bring home some lobster, or wonder at gorgeous coral reefs, North America has it all.

Through this rich diversity of types of scuba diving, the Americas are able to cater to all tastes, resulting in a huge population of scuba divers throughout the region.

Sorting through all the information to choose the best dive spots for you can be daunting. Our North America section helps you by highlighting exciting dive destinations all across the Continent.

Port Hardy, British Columbia Photo by Barb Roy
Port Hardy, British Columbia Photo by Barb Roy

Canada –  is a dry-suit country. If you love cold water, the rewards are an incredible array of marine life that you won’t see in warm waters. Besides marine life, there are awesome glaciers and amazing scenery on land too!

Photo by Erik Lukas
Photo by Erik Lukas

U.S.A. – Where do we start? With the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Oceans, The U.S.A. provide so much opportunities to all type of diving. Beautiful corals in Hawaii and Florida. Amazing ship wrecks in North Carolina and Lake Michigan. Incredible kelp forests in California and the Pacific Northwest.

What are you waiting for! Scuba diving North America is great!

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