Beqa Lagoon Dive Sites

These dive sites are considered by many to be some of the best dive spots in the world.


Beqa Lagoon


Dive sites in Beqa Lagoon number over 100, and most are as close to your front door as a quick 5-20 minute boat ride away. A kaleidoscope of soft corals abound. Colors glow in neon yellows, oranges, reds, pinks, whites and purples. Tropical fish explode in every shade of the rainbow. Blue Ribbon Eels, Clown Fish, Frog Fish, Lionfish and Leaf Scorpionfish, the elusive Ghost Pipefish and the shy Seahorse, pelagics and more make their home in the nutrient rich waters of Beqa Lagoon.

The multihued soft corals and immense variety of marine life is what differentiates South Pacific diving from diving in the Caribbean. And, in the gin clear waters of Beqa Lagoon, you’ll find your dive sites are considered by many to be some of the best dive spots in the world. Soft corals unique to Fiji proliferate here, due to the nutrients in the tides that flow in and out of the lagoon.

The great pinnacles of Beqa Lagoon, a submerged volcano, a wreck, and shark dives. Swim throughs reveal photogenic lionfish, while schools of barracuda and trevally cruise by. Tops of bommies are so covered in soft corals and schools of swarming fish that your safety stops are hard to leave.


Best of the Best – Soaring pinnacles that come within 15 ft/5m of the surface highlight this dive. The name really says it all – it is the best representation of all that is amazing about diving in Beqa Lagoon. These pinnacles are literally covered with life. You’ll find a plethora of Beqa Lagoon’s resident Blue Ribbon Eels, as well as Lionfish, Leaf fish, turtles, a swim through with soft coral inside, fire coral, barracuda, white tips, flat worms and cleaner shrimp.

Carpet Cove – A vast array of marine life is found on this wreck – an old Japanese fishing vessel. Around the wreck (at 110ft/35m) you’ll find a school of Chevron Barracuda and a large Napoleon Wrasse. White tips often cruise the area as well. The wreck itself is encrusted in sponges and soft corals, and you can see an abundance of lionfish, blue ribbon eel, anemone fish, pygmy wrasse, leaf fish, dartfish, schools of barracuda fish, cushion starfish, bat fish, angel fish, Moorish idols, schools of giant travelli, yellow fin tuna fish, dog fish and pipe fish.

Highway to Heaven – A great wall dive featuring a swim through at 80-100ft/25-32m on the wall. The wall is covered in sea fans and is a great place to search for nudibranchs and pipefish. A school of sweetlips hangs out near the swim-through where you should also watch for Black Tip Sharks and White Tip Sharks, schooling barracuda and turtles. At 40ft the top of this dive site is covered with a hard coral garden with many anemones hosting a multitude of anemone fish. Ask to see the giant clam!

Muck Luck – Noted as one of the world’s best muck dives, Muck Luck is a treasure chest of small and well hidden marine life. Some of the creatures you’ll see are: cluster anemones, Blue Ribbon Eels, Frogfish in shades of green, black, pink, orange, shaggy. Flame Scallops, Nudibranchs and flatworms galore, ghost pipefish, lionfish, pipe horses, adult and juvenile seahorses, shrimp and more.

Soft Coral Plateau – An easy dive featuring coral heads and wall. A great place to see small creatures and meandering reef sharks. The gulleys that run along the reef hold a treasure trove of exotic sea life. Hard and soft corals, blue ribbon eels, sharks, reef fish, leaf fish, garden eels.

Glory Hole – 3 large pinnacles are covered in sea fans and red, yellow and purple soft corals. Swim through features yellow and white hanging soft corals. The coral heads have schools of purple and orange Antheas as well as Lionfish, Angelfish, Butterflyfish, octopus, 3 colors of leaf fish, nudibranchs and more.

Seven Sisters – Features seven pinnacles you can swim between, with a variety of bright soft corals, fans and crinoids. Fish life abounds, with octopus, Anthias, Fusiliers, a variety of shrimp, Butterflyfish, Moorish Idols, and pelagics like Mackerel and Trevally.

Million Dollar Point – A nice, long shallow dive that is amazing for photographers looking to capture the intensity of the soft coral colors. Soft & hard coral at top of three different pinnacles. Good for photographers, with small reef fish, abundant live coral, clown fish and anemones.

Shark Feed – Billed as the world’s number one shark dive, this dive features bulls, tiger sharks, grey white and black tip reef sharks, nurse sharks and silvertips. Also seen are giant travellies, humphead wrasse, red bass, surgeonfish, triggerfish, cod, grouper, baitfish and many others. This is an exciting and educational experience. Even novice divers benefit from the knowledge that these powerful creatures are to be respected, not feared.

Frigates Wall – Two wall dive opportunities with large sea fans, soft & hard coral, school barracuda, large schools of grouper, sweet lips fish, giant clams on the shelves of the wall, moray eels, black tip schools of sharks and nudibranchs.

Nudibranch City – Ten pinnacles all covered with hard and soft corals and sea fans. Reef fish, lionfish, blue ribbon eels, two types of leaf fish, sharks, turtles, mantis shrimp, bat fish and of course, nudibranchs

Our Favorite – Five pinnacles, three swim-throughs with soft coral inside and outside the swim-throughs, lots of colorful soft corals, sharks (white and black tip and sometime nurse sharks), lots of moray and garden eels, nudibranchs, cleaner and popcorn shrimp, trigger and unicorn fish, lion fish, bat fish.


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