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Here you will find that the dive resorts are in tune with nature and where the true Fijian culture and warmth shines through.




Kadavu is one of the least visited islands of Fiji. No big commercial businesses here. Instead you can get a taste of the real Fiji, where the fastest transport is by boat, where the dive resorts are in tune with nature and where the true Fijian culture and warmth shines through. 

Beautiful corals are massed in vibrant colors with a tremendous variety of marine life. The Great Astrolabe Reef, which curls away into the distance from the shore of the island, is what scuba diving in Kadavu is all about. It stretches from the south side of Kadavu near Vunisea, and runs along the south coast before looping around Ono Island and ending off the east coast of the main island.

The reef has a variety of stunning hard coral outer reef slopes in wonderous colors, and steep soft coral drop-offs. The dive sites here exhibit outstanding variety with many passages, submerged pinnacles and manta ray cleaning stations. These are just some of the reasons why Kadavu is a great spot for several days of diving.

The reefs here are soft coral pinnacles and a great area for student or less experienced divers. Conditions can be easy and the sites are varied. Most of the dives in and around Kadavu are easy to access by short boat ride and have little more than moderate currents. The many bays that lie all around the coast of Kadavu also provide an idyllic setting for sea-kayaking, swimming and snorkeling.


Close Encounters – A new dive site discovered in early 2008, this site has turned out to be another Kadavu site where manta rays can be seen regularly.

Connie’s Reef – A critter lover´s heaven, Connie´s Reef is excellent for those looking for elusive seahorses, Rufus Ghost Pipefish and nudibranchs by the thousands.

Coral Wonderland – Coral Wonderland combines the best of wall, drift and relaxed coral watching as you scuba dive down the reef. The dive starts deep with some very large fan corals on the edge of a very deep drop off.

Critter Junction – The Name says it all!

Eagle Rock – Named after a school of eagle rays, which fly around the bommie at the mouth of this passage. Large mega-fauna hosts reef sharks, barracuda and turtles.

Fan Dreamland – Cliffs of hard coral with cascading gorgonian fans in all colors adorn this dive site all remarkably shallow depths.

Japanese Gardens – One of the highlights of the Naiqoro Marine Reserve, the Japanese Gardens are found outside the reef on the outer edge of the channel. The water flow and currents here are ideal to have the soft and hard corals flourish.

Manta Reef – A very special dive and one of the few places in the world where manta rays can be seen regularly. You´ll be taken by the size and graze of these beautiful creatures as they circle inquisitively.

Naigoro Passage – This passage offers one of the finest dives in Fiji, abounding in pelagic fish including schools of sharks, wrasse and barracuda, and coral gardens exploding with color. The passage is a marine reserve.

Road Rage – Previously called Purple Wall, Road Rage was renamed by one of our regular divers who said that “The ripping currents and overwhelming numbers of fish traffic here just weren´t well enough described by a wall dive”.

Shark Alley – What can we say about this electric dive site? Ride the currents down the middle of Naiqoro Passage into circling Grey Reef Sharks that dart around the bottom between White Tip Reef Sharks.

Spot X – Named by a divemaster who marked it on the map inside the reef at Naiqoro Marine Reserve with a big X.

The Far Side – On the far side of Korolevu passage is a wall dropping into the abyss of the Kadavu Trench, The Far Side.

The Golden Chimney – The Golden Chimney is a large coral structure completely covered in golden soft corals, which when blooming light up the entire area. Gorgonian fans, moray eels, reef sharks, garden eels are other highlights of this dive.

Wonder Wall – Cruising packs of Silvertip sharks reside along the channel next to Wonder Wall making this a high-energy dive with plenty of action.


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