Taveuni and Koro Sea Dive Sites 

At times, diving these reefs is a bit like being in an aquarium.




Taveuni is the third-largest of the Fiji’s 300 Fiji islands after Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Its fertile soils gave rise to the name the “Garden Island”. Taveuni actually straddles the 180 degree meridian and is separated from Vanua Levu by the Somosomo Strait, rich in world class dive sites. Here you can dive the amazing Rainbow Reef, The Great White Wall, The Purple Wall, The Ledge, The Zoo, The Fish Factory and countless others. All these spots are a pleasant 10-30 minute boat ride from land.

The nutrient rich waters powered by the strong currents of the Somosomo Strait have combined and made Taveuni one of the soft coral capitals of the world – the amazing vibrance of colour underwater just has to be seen to be believed along with the abundance of all form of marine life. At times, diving these reefs is a bit like being in an aquarium.

Above the waterline, much of Taveuni is thickly carpeted with rainforest and the lush landscape is blessed with many waterfalls and an abundance of wildlife. Pleasingly, the traditional village Fijian lifestyle is also very much intact on Taveuni and there are plenty of cultural and adventure activities to enjoy in this tropical playground. On Taveuni there are a range of resorts that suit most budgets – they are all low-key and offer both divers and non-divers the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful location.


Annie’s Bommie – A submerged reef with many big coral bommies including the large ‘Annies Bombie’. Weave through the coral and enjoy the schools of fusillias, bandits and anthias and the occasional leopard shark

Barracuda Hole – Depth 20-80 feet. Sloping dive with 2 pinnacles on the way. Marine life includes schools of barracuda, jacks, unicorn fish, fusiliers, bronze whaler sharks, white tip sharks, sometimes nurse sharks, and nudibranches.

Cabbage Patch – Sheltered within Vuna Lagoon, dive down to an almost lunar landscape. A shallow dive perfect for novices, cruise around the huge cabbage-like corals that sit on brilliant white sand and marvel at the marine life that finds a home amongst them.

Coral Gardens  – Nicknamed Nirvana and only a few minutes by boat from land, this has been called one of Tavenui’s best dive sites. Three fingers of lava once streamed into the ocean and are now covered with a variety of hard and soft coral species. Rays, sharks and big schools of barracuda are the keepers of the Coral Garden. Schools of trevally, snappers and tunas abound.

Fish Factory – Stunning hard plate corals, lots of ambient light, multicolored patches of soft coral, giant clams and swarms of reef fish at a depth of less than 60f/18m make this a popular site for photographers, beginners and experienced divers.

Great White Wall – The soft coral capital of the world’s signature dive offers an astounding wall of pure white soft coral. This site is definitely the world famous Rainbow Reef’s top draw. A coral encrusted swim-through leads onto the wall from the reef top. A dazzling myriad of color and life inhabits the reef top. Manta rays glide past with grace.

Jack’s Place – Situated on the Rainbow Reef, this dive site offers an immense coral bommie covered with vibrant colors of soft coral and fish. The site is a haven for spanish dancers, boxfish and white tipped reef sharks.

Jerry’s Jelly – Depth 15-60 feet. Sloping dive. 2 pinnacles with white soft corals under the ledge and on top. Marine life includes schools of somber sweetlips, lots of colorful small fish, and garden eels.

Long Beach Point – Soft corals, many feather star crinoids clinging to sea fans. Depth: 40-75′

Maria’s Cove – One wall is thick with concentrations of soft corals, large patch of garden eels, frequent sightings of resident 6 foot white tip shark, and swirling schools of striped mackerels feeding off the drop-off. Depth: 35-65′.

Mini White Wall – A submerged reef with a mini wall. Depth ranging from 30-100 feet. Wall is approx. 20 feet by 20 feet covered with mostly white soft coral. There are also a large variety of other soft corals. Marine life includes stonefish, snapper, and leopard sharks, plus a variety of nudibranches.

Nuku Reef – Easy shallow dive with a large pinnacle covered with soft corals. Sightings of turtles more frequent here. Currents mild. Depth: 35-55′

Pot Luck – Depth 20-90 feet. Sloping reef to view 3 large bommies. Marine life includes schools of Trevally, bronze whaler and white tip sharks, schools of red snapper, eagle ray, and lots of hard corals.

Purple Wall – This is one of the truly stunning sites on the Rainbow Reef. It deserves its billing as one of the worlds top dive sites. A solid wall of purple soft coral and more species than can be counted.

Quamea Freeway – Starts near land with a sloping wall then a racing drift over a sandy patch with hard coral bommies. Large schools of tropicals and sightings of white tip sharks are common in the sand. Dive finishes with a gentle drift up the reef. Depth: 45-80′.

Quamea Shore – Good check out dive and night dive. Resident lionfish occupy two separate coral heads. Anemones with anemone fish and live egg cowries are found in shallow water. Depth: 10-50′

Rainbows End 1 – Beautiful purple, yellow and red soft corals make sure Rainbow’s End lives up to it’s name. Add in lionfish, Moorish Idols and hundreds of anthias and this is a true explosion of color.

Rainbows End 2 – Depth 20-80 feet. Sloping reef. Soft corals – purple, red, white, yellow. Marine life includes moorish idol, wrasse, fusilier, yellowtail, bluetail, lionfish, moray eels, stonefish, and leaf scorpionfish.

Sam’s Point – Depth 10-90 feet, although mainly done to 60 feet as a second dive. Sloping dive. Lots of soft coral and sea fans. Marine life includes humpback snapper, schools of small fish, coral grouper, white tip sharks, and blue ribbon eels.

Swirling Coconut – Exciting and fish active drift dive. Descend among a school of chevron barracudas, lush soft corals, numerous large schools of tropicals. White tips are common. Mid-way, the dive swirls around two large pinnacles with large concentrations of purple soft corals and swarms of orange anthias. At the end of dive, there are 2-3 baby white tip sharks resting in the sand under a large coral head. Depth: 40-75

The Corners – Located at the tip (Corner) of Annie\’s Bommie. Depth ranging from 15-80 feet sloping. Marine life includes clown triggerfish, unicorn fish, anemone fish, fusiliers, surgeonfish, sea whips, nudibranches (including Spanish Dancer), occasionally schools of sharks and barracudas. In addition there is a large variety of soft and hard corals, including sea fans.

The Fans – Large gorgonian sea fans, soft corals, and anemones with anemone fish galore. Large schools of fusiliers when dived during faster currents. Depth: 25-75′

The Zoo – Schools of barracuda are common here, swimming above the white tip reef sharks resting on the sand. Moral eels, groupers and small reef fish are plentiful and lucky divers will glimpse the graceful bronze whale sharks patrolling the deep blue waters.

Wise’s Place – Depth 20-80 feet. Sloping dive with coral heads. Marine life includes schools of coral grouper, fusiliers, sea goldies, blue spotted stingrays, yellow margin moray eels. In addition there are large star corals, table corals, fire corals, flower corals, and white soft corals.

Yellow Tunnel – Depth 10-80 feet. Sloping dive. Coral head with a point. Yellow soft corals inside and outside a hole. Marine life includes stonefish, white tip sharks, schools of bicolor parrotfish, and many colorful small fish.


Jims Alley – This garden of soft corals in shallow water is the home to countless reef organisms. With a little bit of luck you might see one of the manta rays that show up at Jim´s every now and then. Macro lovers will be spoiled with a large number of various crabs, snails and rocking fish between soft- and hard corals.

Nigali Passage –  This passage is a breeding ground for female grey reef sharks. They are here all year waiting for the males to come for mating. This phenomenon is observed very rarely and it is an absolute highlight.

Ron’s Delight –  At this dive site you can find anything from macro to big fish. Many nudibranches hide in the hard and soft corals around the bommies. You also can see leaf fish and moray eels. Often octopus are hiding in the small caves at the bottom of the coral blocks.

The Pipeline –  Lots of cracks and alleyways in the wall house various sea life. This is also home to the “Fiji Pipeline” a world famous surf spot.

Wakaya Passage –  Between beautiful soft corals and various reef fish countless white tips live in this passage. You can see hammerheads in the deep blue.


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