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Kaselehlie! (Hello or Welcome)

On Pohnpei, the lack of high-rises and chain hotels doesn’t mean a lack of amenities. It’s possible to eat and drink well, to sleep in comfortable and even sublime surroundings, to dive and sightsee with ease and confidence.




Pohnpei is the most westernized state in Micronesia and its capital, is also the largest and tallest island. Its peaks get plenty of rainfall annually and this creates more than 40 rivers that feed the lush upper rain forest.

Pohnpei is upon a “stone altar” Nothing like it anywhere in the world! Full of Magic, Mystery, and Tradition of ancient culture-today! Where the past is today but modernized.

It is situated in the North-Western Pacific Ocean, lies 7 degree north of the equator, 1,000 miles (1690 km) southeast of Guam and 3,200 miles (5214 km) south west of Honolulu.

The mountainous, rain forested island of Pohnpei is jam-packed full of exciting things for the adventurous eco-tourist to do. Mountain and jungle hikes, dozens of pristine waterfalls, idyllic lagoon islands and atolls, diving, snorkeling, fishing, surfing, kayaking and more await.




The scuba diving around Pohnpei is diverse and pristine with nine Marine Protected Areas and an incredibly healthy reef ecosystem. . The island is surrounded by a barrier reef with many passages that exit the lagoon into the open sea carrying nutrients into the vast lagoon. These nutrients attract marine life and make Pohnpei one of the most varied marine environments in Micronesia. The island’s hard coral reefs and colorful drop-offs are enchanting. You will encounter eagle rays, tuna, barracuda, sharks, parrotfish along with a myriad of brightly coloured fish species. The highlight of a visit to Pohnpei are the manta rays which are seen nearly every day.

Highlight Dive Sites


DIVING SEASON:   All year round

VISIBILITY:  Varies with rainfall.  Average is 100 feet (30m) but may be up to 150 feet (45 m).


WEATHER: The trade wind season is generally from December to March.  Water temperature averages 77F (25C) year round.

SKILL LEVELS:  Dives are available to meet all diver’s skill levels

MARINE LIFE:  Manta Rays, many species of sharks, large schools of ocean pelagics and reef fish galore.


CLIMATE:  Pohnpei’s hot and humid tropical climate ensures constant day time temperatures of around 30 degrees Celsius. Pohnpei is reputedly one of the wettest places on earth, each year receiving an annual recorded rainfall of over 300 inches (7,600 mm) in certain interior mountain locations.

LANGUAGE: English is widely spoken

ELECTRICITY: 110/120 volts

CURRENCY & CREDIT CARDS: U S Dollar.  All major credit cards are accepted at banks, most resorts and some other larger businesses.

GRATUITIES: Tipping 10% to 15% is catching on in Pohnpei but, despite the American influence, it’s not really done elsewhere in the country

PHONE & INTERNET SERVICE:  Phone service is primarily cellular.  SIM cards can be purchased upon arrival.  Internet is available in several cafe locations in the towns and at most resorts.

VISA & PASSPORT REQUIREMENTS: a passport must be valid for at least 120 days beyond the date of entry

CUSTOMS:  Up to two liters of alcohol for visitors over 21 and reasonable perfume amounts for personal use. Tobacco restrictions are either 600 cigarettes or up to 454 grams of cigars or loose tobacco



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