Scuba Diving Red Sea and Indian Ocean

Scuba diving the Red Sea and Indian Ocean can be one of the most inspirational experiences of your life!

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Red Sea

Being surrounded by desert climate makes the Red Sea warm and fairly salty. That desert surround creates some of the best visibility (almost all year round) and absolutely beautiful coral formations.

Most of  scuba diving the Red Sea area is done either with a shore-based, day boat dive operation or on live-aboard. The warm water holds large numbers of reef fish massed in swirling schools and an astonishing variety of coral and sponges. Big dolphins and sharks patrol deep wrecks and walls. As European divers have long known, its off-the-chart diving in one of the planet’s richest marine ecosystems. Bordered by seven countries, the Red Sea is a cleft of deep, blue water formed millions of years ago when the Arabian Peninsula split from North Africa. The Indian Ocean then flooded the basin. It is relatively isolated and with little freshwater entering. Thus, the 1,200-mile-long sea is saltier than most other bodies of water and features eccentric and colorful twists on Indo-Pacific marine life.

Due to the high diving quality throughout the entire area, Scuba Diving the Red Sea is a must. There are quality dive stores close by all the major dive areas to assist you with all your needs. They will be able to supply you with all your dive needs: from air fills, to repairs, to gear rentals, to that forgotten piece of diving gear.

Sorting thru all the travel and diving information to choose the best dive spots for you can be daunting. This section helps you by highlighting the exciting and best  dive sites and dive destinations throughout the region.

Egypt BEST destinations for above and below. Rich in history and the Red Sea is one of the top diving destination. There are over 1,100 species of fish, of which just under 20% are endemic to the Red Sea. The high level of endemic in the Red Sea is  one of the main reasons that makes Egypt scuba diving so interesting.

Israel – Amazing Diving 3 seas from one country! The Mediterranean, The Dead Sea and The Red Sea.

Jordan – Jordan is a well kept secret that is perfect for the adventurous diver. With a year round dive season, almost invariably calm seas and plenty of sunshine, this destination should be on everyone checklist.found in the Maldives.

Oman  One of the most popular diving destinations in the region. It has an exceptionally diverse marine life and coral reefs.

Saudi Arabia – Like the countries surrounding the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia enjoys the colorful and full of life reefs, and WWII wrecks.

Sudan – Red Sea diving without the crowds! Sudan is very much a live aboard destination. The diving is some of the best in the Red sea.

United Arab Emirates – The reefs are virtually untouched and prime for exploration. But, it’s the mysterious whale shark – locally called al djer – that flock to these waters that has put UAE on the map as a dive destination.

Indian Ocean  

Dreams of castaway islands, exquisite luxury, pristine beaches fringed with swaying palms and crystal clear waters can all come from here!  Scuba diving the Indian Ocean offers diving for all levels, a varied underwater topography from vast underwater volcanic mountain ranges to huge granite boulders covered with soft corals and sponges.

The vast Indian Ocean encompasses both sides of the equator.  On both sides, the waters are temperate to tropical . . . perfect for coral and perfect for diving, home to many of the best places to scuba dive in the world.   Diving here varies from the well known such as the Maldives and the Seychelles to the lesser known Andaman Islands or Mauritius.  The level of diver support also varies.  Thus, doing your research ahead of time will be of great benefit.

India – Looking for that different dive experience, check out the diving locations for India are Andaman and Nicobar Islands, LakshadweepIslands, Goa and Netrani.

Maldives – only 1% of the country being land, so leave 99% for scuba diving. What a deal! Many of the best dive sites in the world are found in the Maldives.

Mauritius – With its safe lagoons stretching up to the barrier reef, its passes, drop-offs and wrecks, the island provides a wide variety of dives for both beginners and those with more experience.

Seychelles – With 115 islands scattered across the Indian Ocean between 4° and 10° south of the Equator, Seychelles offers diverse and impressive diving opportunities. Most spectacular are the Whale Sharks found all year around the Inner Islands, with peak sightings in August, and October through January.

Sri Lanka –The waters of Sri Lanka are home to an incredible range of marine creatures from massive blue whales all the way through to tiny nudibranch. Sri Lanka has an abundance of great sites to discover including great wreck dives which are scattered off the coast. Local divers are still discovering new wrecks as they explore the waters of this island nation.

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