Scuba Diving Andaman and Nicorbar Islands


Andaman Islands

Looking for the Andamans you will find them in the Indian Ocean East of India! The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a territory of India located in the Indian Ocean along the southeastern portion of the Bay of Bengal. The azure waters surrounding the Andaman Islands make it a treasure trove for novices and experienced divers alike and Havelock is the nucleus of diving in the Andamans. The Andaman Islands cover an area of just over 8,000 sq km, and with 500 islands, islets and rocky outcrops in the archipelago (just 26 islands are currently inhabited), they are best discovered by live aboard diving. The larger islands are fairly mountainous and blanketed with dense rainforest. A high proportion of these forests are protected with a confusing network of Tribal Reserves, six National Parks and Coastal Belts, and no less than 94 wildlife sanctuaries.

Many of the islands in the Andaman area are surrounded by fringing reefs, really only accessible by live aboard diving. The reefs are often several hundred meters wide and separated from the shore by a lagoon of similar width. There are also more steeply sloping reef walls & coral pinnacles or knolls. Divers can follow around the undulating hills of raven black volcanic lava, which makes for some unusual diving. There are also plenty of shallow reefs suitable for snorkeling.


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