Digital Media for the Dive Travel Industry

Partners  Ernie Arellano and Patchara “Chim” Carlson  have shared a lifelong passion for Scuba Diving, Travel and the Dive Industry.  Their years of successful experience in the Industry made them realize that there were Few cost effective marketing options available to Connect Dive Businesses to The Vast Pool of Potential Buyers.

They knew the solution, had the tools , a proven track record and SCUBA DIVING RESOURCE was born.

Scuba Diving Resource Tells Your Story With Greater Impact Through Digital Channels

Ernie and Chim along with their talented, well known staff have developed deep relationships and one of the best followings in this large and lucrative market.  Scuba Diving Resource has amassed the best database for proven USA dive travelers.

Scuba Diving Resource:

  • Gives Businesses Access to the Broadest Dive Travel Community
  • Builds and Refreshes Brands
  • Helps Engage New and Existing Clients More Effectively
  • Has a Major Influence on the Buying Decisions of Dive Travel Decision Makers and Individuals

Our Powerful and Effective Marketing Tools were created to offer Businesses the vehicle to educate Dive Travelers to the all important but often forgotten ” 3 W’s of Marketing”:

WHO You Are      – WHAT You Do   –   WHY You Are The Choice

And most importantly We Tell Your Story Repeatedly

The Scuba Diving Resource Database and Website Viewer Demographics are primarily comprised of USA Dive Travelers:  Age 45-65, College Educated, with ample Disposable Income.  While the USA is currently our primary target database we are rapidly building and expanding a broader worldwide following.

In addition our Database includes extensive Dive Industry businesses such as Retail Stores, Agents and Group Leaders.

Our Database acquisition philosophy has been to focus on quality over quantity.  It is easy to add numbers to a database but we prefer to target the demographics that our clients are seeking – translating to one of the highest open rates in the industry.

Scuba Diving Resource is the Most Powerful and Economic Marketing Tool Available to the Dive Travel Industry.


Scuba Diving Resource Tells Your Story With Greater Impact Through Digital Channels

E-Newsletter:  Utilizes the most qualified database for proven Dive & Soft Adventure Travelers.  Our philosophy has been and will remain Quality over Quantity for database acquisition. Directly benefiting our clients with the best open rate in the Industry.

Website:  Already the most comprehensive site with the fastest growing usage for dive travel

Face to Face:  SDR offers professional exposure with everything from Show Representation, Presentations to the most successful Familiarization Program in the Industry

Scuba Diving Resource is flexible enough to react to the ever changing marketplace yet we offer the stability of well proven programs.  We customize programs to fit each client’s individual needs and budgets.

About the Scuba Diving Resource E-Newsletters

  • The SDR E-newsletter drop rate is very low
  • The return view rate is very high- viewers are coming back to read what is in the E-newsletters. More links are opened on subsequent views
  • Enough content is provided in each Inclusion so the client’s mesage is being seen without having to link. Although links are on all Inclusions, studies show that viewers especially those using mobile devices tend to avoid them on first view
  • Almost non-existent Unsubscribe rate


  • The quality of our database
  • SDR is already an established and trusted name
  • Our content is varied and interesting to viewers
  • Format of E-newsletter is responsive to all devices
  • Frequency of E-newsletters is  limited to twice a month. We are very conscious of not over inundating a viewer’s email boxes

The SDR Website is already one of the most comprehensive for dive travel. Usage is growing daily at rates we never imagined.  More importantly return visits to our site are growing with more pages being viewed and longer times on site.


  • Homepage is dynamic with changing content that draws user back to see what is new
  • New features are being added frequently such as Worldwide Events, Video & Photo Galleries. Soon we will be adding a free Classified Ad section -Ads while prominent do not intrude upon content
  • Format of the Website is Responsive to all devices

Users discovering just how much useful and interesting information we have on the web site and e-newsletter.

Scuba Diving Resource is the Most Powerful and Economic Marketing Tool Available to the Dive Travel Industry.

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