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Giant Pacific octopus, wolf eel, sea cucumber, Dungeness crab, dogfish, Anemones, sea stars, oysters, clams, seals, nudibranch, rockfish, salmon and many other types of fish can be seen while diving in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. The geography is as diverse as the sea life—-sandy, rocky, ledges, and walls play host to the flora and fauna below the water.

Shallow sandy bottom dives can be experienced at Redondo Beach in Des Moines. At night the water is often filled with Pacific Spiny Lumpsuckers and red octopuses.

The coves in West Seattle near Alki Beach are fairly protected and calm providing great dives both day and night. There are guide ropes to lead the diver through the area .

Les Davis beach in Tacoma as well as Steilacoom  beach near Olympia are common locales for new divers and dive classes.

Sund RockThe favorite spot  for many is Sund Rock. This Marine Life Preserve is located on the Hood Canal, just a scenic drive north of Olympia. The creatures here are large and plentiful!  The varied depth allows for all levels of dive ability from beginner to technical. If one prefers to dive from a vessel, there are several locations to hitch a ride with a charter to the San Juan Islands as well as the areas around Seattle.

The cool waters of the Pacific Northwest are a pleasure to dive on hot summer days; and the visibility in these beautiful waters is at its best in the winter and spring months. So grab some gear, or plan to rent when you arrive. Hoodsport ‘N Dive rents drysuits for those needing added warmth).


Come stay at The Yellow House located just 3 miles south of Sund Rock and you will have a great dive vacation in the Pacific Northwest……….home of the Giant Pacific Octopus.

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