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Diving Unlimited International Released Innovative App to Design Your Own Drysuit at DEMA Show

SAN DIEGO, CADiving Unlimited International (DUI), the world’s leading manufacturer of drysuits for Scuba diving, has developed an app enabling divers to design their own drysuit. The My Drysuit app is now available in the iTunes App Store for iOS devices including iPads and iPhones.

DUI dealers can use the My Drysuit app to help their customers design their own DUI drysuit.  The app lets the customer actually visualize what their drysuit will look like.

The unique app gives divers the option to choose fabrics, colors, patterns, accessories and packages for designing their own customized drysuit. As each option is chosen, the app shows how the actual drysuit would look.




Divers can download the app on their device, too.  In addition to designing their own DUI, the app also allows users to find their closest DUI dealer.

According to Susan Long, president and CEO of DUI, the app demonstrates the wide variety of choices only DUI offers. “DUI has more fabric choices, colors, patterns and accessories than any other drysuit maker in the world,” she stated.


“With the My Drysuit app, a dealer can easily walk a diver through the choices so that they can build a drysuit system that reflects their own personal style. All of our DUI dealers who saw the My Drysuit app loved it and believe it will help them increase their DUI drysuit sales. It makes the design process simple and fun.”


The DUI My Drysuit app starts by giving divers a choice of drysuit models that are specifically designed for various types of diving. Users then choose a Men’s or Women’s style, followed by the type of sizing that best fits them. DUI Select Series has 33 sizes for men and women and DUI Signature Series provides made-to-measure sizing for a perfectly tailored fit.


“The fun part of the app is the ability to design your own drysuit,” Long said. “You choose from two upper body designs, the fabric type, then a wide array of colors and patterns.  One design lets you combine the different colors and patterns with accent piping. A diver can design a suit that reflects their own personal style and see how their design looks on screen.”


Subsequent app screens allow a user to add pockets, pads and other accessories including DiveWear insulation to complete their drysuit system. The summary screen shows the fully designed drysuit and lists out everything in detail. 


“Designing the drysuit is fun and the icing on the cake is the app enables the user to add a photo of their face to see how they would look in the suit.  We had lots of laughs with that at DEMA.”


They can then download or share the photo via email or social media. Susan Long says this innovative app represents the company’s commitment to meeting diver needs.


“Our philosophy has always been to give divers what they want, make the suit fit them perfectly, and deliver quality that lasts for years,” she related. “Now divers and DUI dealers can actually see how their drysuit would look with all the dozens of design combinations we offer.”


The DUI My Drysuit App functions on iPads and iPhones running iOS 7.0 or later. The app can be downloaded in the iTunes App Store by searching for My Drysuit. It can also be accessed from the DUI website at www.DUI-Online.com



Diving Unlimited International, Incorporated (DUI) is a diving equipment manufacturing company specializing in keeping divers warm and dry. Established in 1963 and located in San Diego, California, DUI is known as the world’s leader in drysuits. DUI’s customers include passionate recreational divers, technical & exploration divers, public safety divers & special operations teams, scientific & research divers, commercial divers in the North Sea and US and friendly foreign military divers including Special Operations. DUI equipment is sold through 350 professional dive retailers throughout North America and exported worldwide through distributors in Europe, Australia, Korea, Southeast Asia, Central & South America, Russia, Japan, Ukraine, Mexico and the United Kingdom. DUI is the exclusive distributor for Ocean Management Systems (OMS) in North & South America, Australia, Japan and Korea.  DUI also distributes Interspiro and Intelagard in the USA.

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