Extreme Diving in the Pacific Northwest


A few years back the term “extreme” was placed before the name of a sport to distinguish those involved as over the top, hard core enthusiasts.   Such athletes were not mere participants; these folks were risk-takers, adrenaline junkies and quiet honestly described as “crazy” by those less concerned with thrill-seeking.

Technical Diving is the extreme branch of Scuba Diving.

It fills the urge of those who are certified, but want to learn skills to take diving to a more intense level.  This involves more equipment,  more planning, careful calculations and greater depth .  The deeper depths require mandatory decompression stops using unique gases, such as helium, to fend off the bends.  The additional gas involves  carrying stage bottles.  The additional depth comes with less visibility and the need to carry multiple lights. There is also the world of rebreathers…………..

“  Military, photographic, and recreational divers use closed circuit rebreathers because they allow long dives and produce no bubbles. Closed circuit rebreathers supply two breathing gases to the loop: one is pure oxygen and the other is a diluent or diluting gas such as air, nitrox, heliox or trimix. ”

Our website www.hoodsportndive.com  lists the classes we offer to train you to become a technical diver .

Already a technical diver?  Come stay and dive with us at The Yellow House on the Hood Canal in Hoodsport, WA.  This is one of the few locations where a diver does not need a boat. The steep drop off at this location allows the diver to get to depth from the shore.

It is just a short walk from the dive locker to the private beach; which conveniently puts the diver in the water and out just steps from suiting up.  There is a map and guide ropes to navigate the underwater dive park.  After the dive, gear is washed, and stored in the temperature -controlled room ready for the next dive.  The diver then can go soak in the hot tub, kick back on the deck, and enjoy the comforts of the Yellow House !

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