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Scuba Diving Resource helps scuba divers find up-to-date Diving information &  Dive equipment and Dive Destination reviews. Get unbiased advice from people who have been there. From the best local dive stores where you can learn to dive, to the World’s Best Dive Sites,  to the best Dive Gear to fit each individual’s needs and so much more…..

Scuba Diving Resource allows users to contribute different kinds of content, including dive destination review, photos, events, votes, helpful tips, diving information and more…..


FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions from Users ( Diver)

I’m concerned about my privacy.  Will my contact info be shared?

Scuba Diving Resource has one of the most highly regarded databases in the dive industry. We guard that reputation carefully.  It is very valuable to us.  We will never sell, share your name or your information with any other business or any other person.  It’s only purpose is to allow us to determine that you are an actual person and to then provide you with the best method of finding the very best information about scuba diving.


Do I have to be a member to search on the Scuba Diving Resource site?

No, you do not. You can search and read reviews and information. BUT you cannot review.

Do I have to Become A Member to do reviews or list an event?

Yes, you must be a member in order to do reviews or list events.  Go ahead, It’s Free! Become A Member

How do I know if I’m logged in?

If you are currently logged in, at the very top of the page in the gray bar, there are two notifications.   On the right side of the bar there will be a greeting that says, “Howdy (and your username). On the left side, the Dashboard will appear.   If either of those fail to appear, then you need to log in.

What do I need to do to be able to write a review?

First you need to become a member. If your not, Click Here Register“. We will need your name, email address and general location. ( In the USA, your State is sufficient). Create a User name and password.

A new page will come up for you to edit your profile if you want to share it with fellow divers.

How do I edit my profile?

There are three ways to reach your profile in order to edit it:

Roll your cursor over the greeting box at the top right of every page.  It says, “Howdy (and your username).  A short drop down menu will appear.  Click “Edit my Profile”.

On the top, right side of the home page appears a menu within a grey box.  The third item down on that menu is, “Edit My Profile.”  Click it.

Across the top of each page, just below our logo is a menu beginning with “Home.”  Click on “Home”, then click on “Member Area.” The third box down is “Personalize My Profile.”  Click on that box and begin editing.

Why doesn’t my Review or Event post immediately? 

The staff of Scuba Diving Resource checks every review and event post before it becomes public to make sure that the language is appropriate and that the review is valid. That way, we  can make sure that negative or unfair reviews are not written by competitors or multiple reviews of the same business are written by the same person. In that way we can help readers secure honest reviews upon which to base their buying and travel decisions.

Can I do a Review on a business not listed?

Yes!  First, you will need to list the business. Here’s how:

  1. Click on “Write A Review.”
  2. Enter the Business Name in the box and then click “Search.”
  3. If the business if not yet listed,  you will see a prompt (in blue) saying, “Add New Listing.”  Click on it, when the next screen appears, click the appropriate box for the type of business you wish to review.
  4. Fill in what information you have about that business and then click “Next Step.”
  5. Then Click “Continue to Listing.”
  6. You will see that the listing must be approved by a site administrator. Once that occurs, you may come back and write a review.

What type of Business can I do a Review for?

You can review any business that is already listed.  Plus, you can create a listing (see above) for any dive related business, anywhere in the world.  If you found a great restaurant, hotel, gift shop or any other business that you liked while you were on a dive trip, or any business that has dive related products, go ahead and list them and then give them a review. If it is not related, please put in Tip section.

Scuba Diving Resource Guidelines for Reviews

Being POSITIVE is not hard, but just in case, we have put together these general guidelines. While there may be the occasional negative experience, Scuba Diving Resource prefers you emphasize the POSITIVE.

DIVER & Family-friendly –  Colorful language and imagery is fine, but there’s no need for REVIEWS to be threatening, harassing, lewd, hateful  or displays bigotry.

Complete Guidelines for Reviews


Reviews You can Trust By Divers like You! 

From the best local dive storeswhere you can learn to dive, to local and global dive operators, resorts & live-aboards, to the best scuba gear and dive accessories to fit each individual’s needs and much more…..

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