Forget Tulum and Cancun: It’s All About Baja Now


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If, like me, you’ve hit the threshold for all things Tulum and Cancun, listen up.

Because it’s time to get back to Mexico’s beach town roots. And that means putting the Baja Peninsula on your radar. And more specifically, the southern part of it: Baja Sur.

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And I’m not talking about Los Cabos, another one of those places that so easily rolls off the tip of Angelenos tongues. I’m talking about La Paz. The tiny beach town that sits about two hours north of Los Cabos, on the Sea of Cortez side of the peninsula.

Because this is a place that has been drawing travelers in the know for years – from the likes of Jacques Cousteau who once called the Sea of Cortez the aquarium of the world” to John Steinbeck, who once joined a research expedition there and subsequently penned “The Log from the Sea of Cortez” – to the less famous, but equally as curious, like myself.

But what exactly makes this part of Mexico so special? So different from the places getting much more buzz right now from tourists and ‘where to go in 2019’ lists across the web?

Well, this is a place for travelers. Not tourists.

Travelers who are curious about the ocean. Travelers who want to get a real sense of a place, and not just stay confined to the comforts of their mega all-inclusive resort.

Travelers who want to learn more about the 900-some fish species or the more than 5,000 species of micro-invertebrates found in the sea here.

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