Bucket List Dive Experiences For 2020


These unique, once-in-a-lifetime dive & travel experiences reveal destinations like never before. The experiences are as diverse as they are desirable.  Help the Diver in you life or yourself  Tick one or more of these “Bucket List” experiences off your list in 2020.

MUCK (CRITTER) DIVING  Muck. Yuck. Right? Wrong! 

If you have never heard of muck diving before, it does sound completely unappealing and actually the reality of what you are doing is essentially as it sounds. Muck diving, critter diving, rubble diving – whatever you call it, is poorly named and gives a negative connotation for an environment where ones’ eyes widen again and again with each fascinating new critter. And No Better destination and resort than Kungkungan Bay Resort (KBR to its friends and soon to be friends the resort that introduced the world to the now famous “Lembeh Strait”, acknowledged as the #1 destination in the world for Critter / Muck diving. KBR was the original resort in the Lembeh Strait and as such pioneered the diving. We were the first International Dive Resort to open our doors in North Sulawesi and KBR was the first resort in the dive industry to use “Muck Diving” as our main diving attraction. We do it better, and have done it longer than anyone.  INFO ON  KBR & LEMBEH STRAIT 


St. George’s Named One of Best “Under-the-radar” Islands for Romantic Honeymoon.  Travel+Leisure Magazine is encouraging couples to think beyond Hawaii or Bermuda for their tropical honeymoon, and of course, we couldn’t agree more. They just published, 14 Under-the-radar Islands for the Ultimate Romantic Honeymoon and St. George’s Caye is the only island in Belize on the list. We’re thrilled! The undeniable beauty of Turneffe Atoll and the world renowned Great Blue Hole, Belize are just two of the many reasons you will want to add St. George’s Caye Resort to your list of diving destination “must-dos”. What will keep you coming back is more of a hidden treasure. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE HIDDEN TREASURES OF ST GEORGES CAYE 

SUDAN Shark Expeditions

Dive with Schools of barracudas, jackfish, sharks , experience Pristine Coral reefs, enormous fan corals, huge amount of marine like and the Big Game: White tip, Grey Reef and Hammerhead Sharks.  Red Sea diving without the crowds! The diving is some of the best in the Red sea.

Sudan may not be a high profile tourist destination, However, Scuba diving in Sudan is very much on the rise as the word spreads of beautiful, colorful, pristine reefs, healthy shark populations.  Sudan, a remote and untouched destination, offers Red Sea diving away from the crowds!



Quino El Guardian offers a truly unique experience – our Citizen Science Program in the Sea of Cortez or Socorro Islands. These trips include a marine biologist specializing in subjects such as manta rays, sharks, humpback whales, marine mammals, marine ecology, pelagics, reef ecology, invertebrate ecology, diving science and medicine and more. Activities include animal identification, tagging, fish/animal counts, census monitoring, human and climate impact studies, etc.   Much of the information that is collected is included in papers and presentations to governments and NGO’s to help with the conservation of these areas and animals. In addition, this information is provided to websites to educate lay persons helping to further conservation awareness.

Divers can be involved as much or as little as they like including hands-on research and will enjoy interactive evening presentations by the scientists.  Join us on one of these amazing expeditions and you will never look at the ocean the same again.

To truly learn more about our program

Fluorescent Night Diving

Fluorescent and luminance light sources adds a new dimension to underwater imaging.  At Wakatobi Resort, diving doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. In fact, many underwater photographers find nighttime to be prime time for creating unique images. Among the primary attractions of night diving are the colors. At first, this statement may seem counter intuitive, as the reef is cloaked in darkness. Sunlight may reveal the broader vistas of the reef, but as any underwater photographer can tell you, it does not render the full spectrum of colors, as red, orange and yellow wavelengths are lost even at relatively shallow depths. Fluo diving as it is carried out at locations such as Wakatobi Resort is a relatively new practice, and the techniques of fluorescence photography are equally recent. The ability to control the light source opens up a wealth of creative possibilities.  Read more


Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is the ideal setting for a five-star family holiday in Fiji. Situated in the pristine, tranquil surrounds of Savusavu Bay, the resort is equipped with everything you and your kids could ever need to enjoy unspoiled traditional Fiji to the fullest.  Your holiday experience can be whatever you want it to be – whether it be spending quality time with the kids, or going on exciting dives or  excursions to discover more about the local environment and the Fijian way of life.

The Bula Club offers a range of activities tailored towards different age groups. This means children can look forward to spending their days learning about Fijian culture or arts and crafts, exploring coral reefs, helping with mangrove replantation projects or baking with a sun oven. Our Bula Club reflects the resort’s commitment to children as the future caretakers of the earth and its oceans. Each day offers unforgettable adventures and enriching activities that teach our younger guests about Fijian Culture and island environment. Unlike other resorts, we cater to babies and toddlers, as well as older children. Each child under 6 will be assigned their own personal nanny from 9am-9pm, while children 6-12 years will be assigned a Fijian buddy in a group of up to 5 children. The Bula Club is complimentary for all families staying at the resort.

Share Your Passion For Scuba Diving – With a Certification or Continuing Education Class

Introduce some to the magic of scuba or help them increase their skills to better enjoy and be safer.  And where better than on Cozumel with Cozumel Marine World. Whether it is learning to dive or advanced certifications – your diving education with “Jorge Marin” & his staff offers the best dive experience. Cozumel Marine World provides a relaxed atmosphere, personalized service, multilevel computer diving, specialty dives, and nice, small groups. Jorge Marin who started Cozumel Marine World has been teaching for over 30 years, certifying over 2983 students from Open Water all the way to Instructor level. His passion for diving and the ocean carries on with the rest of our team at Cozumel Marine World.

Underwater Photography Workshops Aboard a Siren Fleet Boat

Siren Fleet has organised special underwater photography workshops hosted by professional underwater photographers in our various destinations.

The Siren Fleet has always been a keen supporter of underwater photographers with each yacht designed and updated to accommodate the growing needs of underwater photographer. Each has dedicated preparation areas, plenty of charge points, storage drawers, large rinse tanks, and a large plasma screen to view and share your photos with your fellow guests.

Each year, we offer you a wide selection of escorted underwater photography workshops, hosted by well-known underwater photographers and videographers who provide you with the opportunity to develop and improve your photography skills in a variety of destinations.

In 2019 and 2020, we are pleased to welcome back Alex Mustard in Raja Ampat and Gerald Rambert in Palau. Secure your spot today for a different focus on photography and diving!



This unique experience gives the diver (especially critter lovers and macro photographer) the chance to witness never before seen subjects such as the paper nautilus, moon jellies, flying fish, jellyfish and many, many more weird creatures coming up from the deep.

Since March 2018 alamBatu is offering the unique experience of Blackwater Diving to its guests. These special night dives are conducted up to 1000 meters offshore in deep water environment, far away from any reefs. The 2 – 4 divers joined by at least 1 dive guide are drifting along an illuminated, weighted line in a depth up to maximum 15 meters, while the crew is observing the group from the boat at all time to make sure all safety standards are met. DETAILS

Get Hands On, Get Involved, and Give Back while you dive.

Join PAPUA EXPLORERS  for our annual Coral Explorers trip, and learn valuable coral ecology, conservation and ID skills, while immersing yourself in the biodiverse waters of Raja Ampat, at the heart of the Coral Triangle.

Many people who love diving and snorkelling are looking for ways to be more active in conservation, education and research.. after all, who doesn’t want to be more actively involved in protecting something they love? Coral Explorers is a trip is designed to connect people to nature, and immerse passionate people in the abundant waters of Raja Ampat – one of the most sought after dive locations on earth – whilst at the same time, being directly involved in conservation in the region.

From May 26th to June 5th 2019, together with our foundation, Raja Ampat SEA Centre, we will host this exclusive trip, where participants will be lead through a series of dives, presentations and workshops by marine scientists and world leading coral experts, and have hands on involvement in community based conservation projects.

Coral Reef Ecology: How do reefs “work”, and why are they so important?

The Origins of Raja Ampat: Where did Raja Ampat come from, how did it get here and where is it going?

Why Are There So Many Species in Raja Ampat? Discover why Raja Ampat is the world’s epicenter of marine biodiversity

Coral Threats: globally and locally

Crown of Thorns Starfish: how these starfish can devastate reefs, Raja Ampats management program

What IS That Thing? Learn to identify anything, from fish to tentacles, to shapes and holes, without being a marine biologist

Reef Restoration, And Why We Need It In Raja Ampat

Plant your own coral: Take part in some hands on reef restoration – plant your very own coral and contribute to a wider restoration effort

PLUS a range of other presentations and activities that will enhance increase your understanding, fascination and appreciation of the world’s coral reefs and the life it supports.

CLICK HERE for more detailed information about or contact raja@papuaexplorers.com to book.

Experience a one-of-a-kind vacation on a “liveaboard dive rock.”   Guanaja

The Villa on Dunbar Rock has been making quite a splash in the dive travel industry since reopening its doors mid-year 2015. In just over 3 years’ time, this unique dream dive vacation resort has grown – not an easy thing to do when you are perched on a rock – from an 8-room accommodation to a 9-room, plus 2 suite stunner.

Guanaja is the new “must-dive” destination in the Caribbean, with 45+ named dive sites and more being discovered every day. If you define a perfect dive vacation as one including no crowds – except perhaps the one you bring with you….not having to dress up for dinner, concierge dive service and a reef system you can practically call your own, it’s time to pack your bags and head to the Villa on Dunbar Rock. The Villa occupies 15,000 ft2/1395 m² rising from the “sea-level” which includes a white sand beach for lounging, swimming and snorkeling, the dive docks and a PADI/SSI dive center. Stairs and a ramp way wind their way up across four floors to the guest rooms, multiple terraces for lounging, infinity pool and pool bar, cardio room and the Great Room, which includes a comfortable living/dining room with couches, a large-screen TV plus a large viewing screen for personal videos.


Aboard the Discovery Palawan’s CEBU – MALAPASCUA – VISAYAS, Philippinnes  Itinerary.

Visit the best of the region – Malapascua for its thresher sharks and manta rays, Gato Island for its attractive macro life, Pescador Island for its beautiful reefs and walls, Moal Boal for its sardine run, Apo Island for its turtles and reefs, Oslob for its whale sharks.

The Visayas region in the Philippines consists of several thousand islands. As a result , the majority of the Philippine dive destinations can be found here. We have chosen the best of these dive sites to make up an exciting trip that includes sea fan adorned walls, colorful reefs, superb macro and thresher sharks, manta rays and whale sharks. LEARN MORE

South Africa; Diving, Safari, Adventure and much more…..

With over 200 different species of sharks and rays, South Africa is considered a shark diving Mecca of the world. For ocean enthusiasts it offers a variety of SCUBA diving and freediving that stretches from the cool waters and magical kelp forests of Cape Town to the warm waters of of KwaZulu Natal, and still further to Sodwana Bay. It is also home to one of the most spectacular underwater events, the sardine run. And next door our neighboring country Mozambique’s offers more tropical warm waters, rich coral reefs and dolphin diving.

Design your ultimate African diving experience and add on a Cape Town 4 day tour, the Garden Route 5 day tour and the Big 5 4 day private Safari – experience it all!


Coral Reef Gardening: Try Voluntourism when next in Paradise

Here’s a great idea for your next vacation. Pick a tropical island paradise–Fiji for example. Get wet in the pristine waters and break out the scuba gear. But most important, turn your vacation from tourism to voluntourism. Become a citizen scientist on a mission. Try coral reef gardening. Here’s a great idea for your next vacation. Pick a tropical island paradise–Fiji for example. Get wet in the pristine waters and break out the scuba gear. But most important, turn your vacation from tourism to voluntourism. Become a citizen scientist on a mission. Try coral reef gardening. Here is a little primer on coral reef gardening.

Photo Credit: Coral Restoration Foundation

Once-in-a-Lifetime Dives in the Unlikeliest of Locations: Polar Regions

Don’t let your love of the typical tropics dive make you overlook a truly unique adventure. The polar regions offer a fantastic variety of underwater excursions only the few get to experience.  When you think about where to take your next dive trip, chances are your mind starts conjuring images of colorful tropic reefs, bath-warm seawater lapping at miles of snow-white sand, and icy daiquiris sweating under tiny turquoise umbrellas back at the resort.

Even if you’re a veteran diver, the first thoughts that leap into your mind when it comes to your next dip probably don’t involve glaciers, icebergs, and freezing floe-filled bays. But we at Oceanwide Expeditions urge you to reconsider, especially if this isn’t your first time around the reef.  Here are a few winning reasons to skip the traditional tropics fare this time and boldly go where few divers have gone before.

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