Helping Save the Belize Barrier Reef


One of its biggest threats to the Belize Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, is the invasive species lionfish.

Belize Barrier Reef dive near Saint Georges Caye, Belize, Caribbean, Central America

These fast-breeding fish do not have any natural predators (although animals are adapting to eat them, like the moray eel). To help keep the population under control, divers all over Belize and the Caribbean use spear guns to hunt these spiny, venomous fish. It takes skill, especially when removing the lionfish from the spear so that you don’t get stung by one of their spines! But it’s worth it because not only are you removing an invasive predator from the reef, but the delicate white fish is delicious to eat as well.

The team at St. George’s Caye Resort in Belize cares deeply about protecting the reef and the underwater world. The island resort is owned and managed by scuba divers and located less than a mile from the reef.


In October of this year St. George’s Caye Resort hosted their first ever “Save The Reef” Lionfish Dive Tournament with teams of divers competing for biggest caught and most caught in one dive. Together the teams of divers removed 1,016 lionfish from the reef! This is a huge impact in less than a week and we’re excited to do it again next year.

Interested in participating in 2017? Contact Cap’n Ron to be on the exclusive list to receive updates on the Save The Reef Lionfish Dive Tournament.


Our dive masters, Freddis and Jose, have been with the resort 13+ years and 18+ years respectively and they know the local reef like the back of their hands. They also know how to safely hunt lionfish underwater. Experienced divers visiting the resort have the opportunity to participate in the Lionfish Dive Safari with the knowledgeable dive masters at St. George’s Caye. It’s an incredible way to expand your diving skills and do your part to help the local reef.

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