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Looking for the perfect gift for the diver or ocean lover in your life? Or how about treating your self.  Check out Scuba Diving Resource’s GIFT GUIDE for expert advice, reviews, and recommendations

Practical or luxe, quirky or classic, these Unique gifts will send just the right message to the people you are oh-so grateful for this year.  Or maybe you deserve to buy yourself one of these great items.


Zula Dive Wear

Unique recycle used ORings and parts from SCUBA equipment turned into wearable art! You will see not only the ORings but also filters, C clips, washers, and other parts that came from your regulator, BC, or camera in my jewelry pieces. I am also recycling old maps by capturing your favorite destination under glass and creating a necklace or keychain so you can keep your special place close to your heart.

You can choose from my available designs at Or you can send me your personal ORings and I can create a piece just for you!


The original patented ScubaDoRag® – accept no substitute! Unlike cotton products, our material dries fast, stretches to fit, and will maintain its color and shape. Originally developed for divers, our products are also used by motorcyclists, martial artists, exercise enthusiasts, surgeons, chemotherapy patients, and FashionForwards.  We also carry ScubaGoodHood™, ScubaTubeSocks™ and in Super Size, FashGuard Rash Guard shirts™ called SuperShoods and Shoodn’ts, Flirty Skirts, CoCo Big Oh! The Headband and ScubaDo Hose Covers.

Since 2000, we at ScubaDoRag,  the Original brand of Fun & Fashion. Our original research, design, integrity, development and sense of humor infused into all we ScubaDo! We are the Original, the one others copy.


Gili Gear

Gili ~ Upcycled goods inspired by the great outdoors ~ Made in USA

Gili makes the only eco-friendly dive bags in the world! They are handmade in the US from repurposed vinyl mesh and each product is one of a kind. The marine grade material is durable, breathable, and colorful; perfect for all adventures!

Gear bags, Regulator bags, Beach Bags, T-shirts, Sunglasses


Give A Gift That Gives Back – Adopt A Shark And Earn Your Wings

By adopting a shark, you are helping to support Shark Angels efforts to raise awareness of the critical issues sharks face and by doing so, protect these and other threatened species.

Proceeds go towards our shark cherub educational programs, fin free campaigns, research programs and media awareness campaigns which include all of the videos, presentations, articles, blogging, news articles and any other shark related content we provide.

Choose between our two plush sizes and five shark species. Great White, Tiger, Whale, Hammerhead and our new Mako. Kit includes either a 24″ plush or a 12″ plush, personalized (framed) adoption certificate, full color photo of your species with facts of your shark,  tote bag (large kit only) and sticker. You can even name your shark and be listed on our website. We offer gift cards as well.
We ship worldwide.  To order and see our programs go to:

Drink Tank and Tank Rum 

Fashioned after Scuba TanksTankH2O Water Bottles, Stainless Steel Water Bottles
Now Insulated to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. For: Scuba Divers and Ocean Adventurers  Sold through: Scuba Dive Stores (including … worldwide.

Tank Rum: Glass Bottles fashioned after Scuba Tanks with Rum inside !!  For: Scuba Divers and Ocean Adventurers. Sold through: liquor stores, resorts, duty-free stores, restaurants, and bars … worldwide.

Dive Inspire

The inspiration from underwater world.

“Fulling our own desire” may be the best way to describe how we came up with Dive Inspire. From recreational scuba divers who are passionate about diving plus the desire to incorporate the amazing underwater world to daily life.

Our collection was initially designed around nudibranch then extended to other deep-sea species aiming to introduce these graceful animals to all beloved divers and everyone. We offer a wide rage of products from clothing (flip-flop & t-shirt), accessories (keyring, luggage tag, foldable bag, earring) to decorative items (magnet & window sign) which allow you to tag them along anywhere you go!

We wish to be an inspiration for you to explore a whole new world and enjoy these wonderful underwater creatures with us.


15 Perfect Gifts for the Mermaid-Obsessed Person  

Giving presents can be fun. But we won’t tell anyone if you decide to keep all these fabulous mermaid gifts all to yourself


Woody Frames

Woody Frames make great gifts for the outdoor enthusiast in your life! Join the movement for the next generation of sunglasses that are environmentally friendly without sacrificing performance!. Woody Frames sunglasses are made out of 100% natural bamboo. Bamboo has the ability to grow 1 foot per day making it the best consumable resource for the environment and your pocket.

Since all of our sunglasses are made of natural bamboo, they are extremely light and float in the water! Top that with UV400 polarized lenses! Perfect for all outdoor and water sport activities!


Tank Trolley


Tank Trolley is made of durable yet lightweight materials that make pulling your tank a breeze. Simply place the wheelbase on the bottom of the tank and secure the velcro the strap around it for a snug fit.

SIMPLE DESIGN Easy to slip on and buckles snugly to any tank. EASY TO MANEUVER  Tank Trolley can roll through sand, grass, gravel, dirt, and docs. It will even go down steps!  SCUBA TANK WILL NOT ROLL ON ITS SIDE When the tank is on its side with the Tank Trolley attached it will not roll. STORES EASILY When not in use, the wheels and strap fit easily in your dive bag. LOSE THE WEIGHT Get the weight off your shoulders & back. Put it on wheels!  SAVE TIME & TRIPS Make fewer trips to the car or beach! Strap your gear to your tank and wheel it away


Fluorescence Diving Gear by

Give the Magic of Seeing the Reef in a New light provides you with high quality gear for fluorescence diving primarily for the small budget, with built-to-order gear for the same purpose to best suit your individual needs, and of course with lots of information and tips around fluorescence diving.




Personalized custom luggage, equipment, and ID tags for travel, scuba and many other applications.   Put Your Name On It.      Our unique tag designs make it easy to pick your bags and gear out of a crowd.
Don’t see what you are looking for? Just contact us, we love making custom tags.


SlipIns DiveSkins and Sun Protective WaterWear

SlipIns DiveSkin were created to make it easier to slip in and slip out of a wetsuit. We all know about that dreaded task. But the real pleasure of a SlipIns DiveSkin is when you are warm water diving and don’t need a wetsuit. We are a uniquely created full lycra skin with our own custom prints, with foot stirrups and thumb holes, front zipper entry, and our fabric has 60+UPF sun protection. So when in between dives, hanging around on the boat or beach, or if snorkeling along the surface, you are beautifully protected from the sun. And in addition to that kind of skin protection, SlipIns is a great stinger suit.



Scubalooks creates original divewear with a unique vision crafted with only the best and responsible materials.

Scubalooks is a brand that celebrates both the joys and struggles of being a diver.
We continuously strive to perfect our underwater human behaviour.

100% organic Fair Wear clothing with a perfect fit. Quality scuba apparel: tees, tanks, hoodies and sweaters.

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