Kungkungan Bay Resort (KBR to its friends and soon to be friends) is proud to be the resort that introduced the world to the now famous Lembeh Strait, acknowledged as the #1 destination in the world for Critter / Muck diving.

KBR was the original resort in the Lembeh Strait and as such pioneered the diving. We were the first International Dive Resort to open our doors in North Sulawesi and KBR was the first resort in the dive industry to use “Muck Diving” as our main diving attraction. We do it better, and have done it longer than anyone.

Blue Ringed Octopus Photo by Mark Steere
Blue Ringed Octopus Photo by Mark Steere
Striated frogfish Photo by Nancy Steere
Striated frogfish Photo by Nancy Steere

We have been open since 1994, in 1995 people started looking for another location with diving comparable to the Lembeh Strait but to this day, none has succeeded. We have been compared to many but none have passed the test. Therefore, we have concluded that the Lembeh Strait, which is located in the center of Bio-Diversity for the World’s Oceans, is truly a unique place with one of a kind diving and as such, deserves a “Bucket List” designation on your places to dive list.

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Being the first resort in Lembeh gave us some unique advantages, the most notable being our location. KBR is located in its own Private Bay, with year-round calm waters. We are isolated from the sounds of Indonesian Village Life which can be intrusive at times. Our Bay is also home to the only, fully protected and exclusive dive site in North Sulawesi which has been guarded by KBR for the last 20 years (and it shows). Only our guests can dive and snorkel our beautiful house reef. Don’t miss it, plus it’s free!


KBR is the only Sea level Luxury Resort in the Lembeh Strait, 16 of our 17 rooms are Waterfront. It is nice to have an easy stroll back to your room between dives, no sitting on a boat all day, no steps to climb up and down, or waiting in line for the Electric Car to give you a ride up to your room. We have a saying at our resort: “The only climbing you will do at KBR is back into the boats after a dive or up the stairs to Capt. Billy’s Bar for a cocktail”, it’s on the second floor.


KBR’s octagon shaped, over the water main building has become an Icon in North Sulawesi. It is home to our Resort Lobby, the Main Dining Room and Capt. Billy’s Bar. Here you can literally dine over the coral reef and colorful reef fish of our bay, all the while enjoying the great views of the Strait and the surrounding Tropical Islands. Our Main Dining Room is open 24 hrs and is Full Menu Service. We serve “International Cuisine” with dishes coming from many parts of the world. Capt. Billy’s Bar is a social center for the resort. It is a great place to relax with a “Sundowner” at the end of a great day of diving. Capt. Billy’s also serves great “American Bar Food” to accompany our Delicious Drinks. Enjoy them both on the second floor balcony overlooking our Bay.

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KBR’s other facilities include our Full Service PADI dive center complete with Camera Room, Equipment Rental, Instruction and, we have NITROX from our “Membrane System”. Enjoy Lembeh’s only Waterfront Infinity Pool, which is also home to our Tepi Laut (Seaside) Day Spa. You can choose from our many Tours to some of North Sulawesi’s biggest attractions to add some culture to your stay. Stay with us and you will see why a trip to KBR is truly a complete vacation!

Come join the KBR Family and let our resort be your gateway to the wonders of the Lembeh Strait in the Luxury and Comfort you deserve.

Flamboyant cuttlefish Photo by Scubamama
Flamboyant cuttlefish Photo by Scubamama
Mimic Octopus
Mimic Octopus

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