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  • Sandy Bay, Roatan, Honduras, Roatan

Tucked away on the island of Roatan just off Honduras’ coast, “AKR” is a legendary tropical wonderland where lush greenery rustles in breezy sea air. Pristine beaches rim turquoise waters. And wooden bungalows perched above a tranquil lagoon offer guests incredibly scenic views and a sense of perfect disconnection from everyday life back at home.

With only 56 wooden bungalows, at Anthony’s Key Resort you’ll be immersed in a simply unmatched experience. Sitting over the water of a tranquil lagoon or perched on a tropical hillside, our bungalows allow you to enjoy the Caribbean as nature intended it to be. Green garden paths lead you to each individual retreat, where televisions are replaced by breathtaking views and the absence of phones further adds to the atmosphere of soothing seclusion. Warm wood floors invite your bare feet to walk on to private decks and unwind in breezy hammocks after a full days adventure!

AKR is a PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Dive Resort. As a pioneer in the diving industry for more than 45 years, we are ranked as one of the top dive resorts in the world.
– Modern fleet of four Pro 48′ and seven Pro 42′ Custom Dive Boats
– Dive Equipment Rentals
– On-site Hyperbaric Chamber and Clinic
– Full-service Photo Shop
– PADI Continuing Educational Program
– Air-conditioned Classroom Facility
– Convenient dockside equipment storage, fresh-water showers and rinse tanks.
– Extensive Shore Diving in Lagoon or Front Porch Reef
– Dolphin Dive and Snorkel opportunities with the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences.

Anthony’s Key Resort’s successful blend of nature, comfort and hospitality, continues to draw return visitors year after year in search of tranquility and adventure.

November 21, 2018

When we were in Roatan, we stayed in a rental house on Half Moon Bay, but drove our rental car over to Anthony’s Key and did the dolphin snorkel and swim. We were able to do a free swim with a large pod of dolphins, including mothers with calves. It is a bit commercial but still worth the experience.

October 30, 2018

My wife and I have been visiting Anthony’s Key every year, sometimes twice a year for the past 12 years, we keep coming back and are never disappointed. The staff is top notch, everyone is polite and very helpful, from the time you get off the plane at the airport until you check in again for your return flight, always the most professional.

This year Dec 1-8, 2018 we are coming back to AKR with a group of fiends we have meet over the years at AKR and other places – we can’t wait to stay on the Key and share this little island paradise with our friends. The dive operation is the best of anywhere we have been and the food and drinks are incredible. This is a MUST DO dive destination, if you go once – you will go back again and again.

Love you Anthony’s Key Resort,

February 20, 2018

In April 2016 my wife and I spend a week at AKR. We found a great offer that was basically a 2 for 1 deal and we couldn’t pass on that. It was our second trip to Roatan, having dived quite a few years prior at a different resort on the south side.

Our experience at AKR was superb. We were in a nice jungle room, enjoying the hike uphill and along the boardwalk to keep us fit! We had a minor issue (quickly addressed) and were pleasantly surprised when the manager asked to upgrade us the following day to a really super stand-alone cabin on the key. We loved the private deck and the ocean views for the rest of our trip.

The diving was great, the food fine, and the company collegial. The dive center was well-equipped and well-run. The boats were in good shape and skippers/crew were competent and helpful.

February 6, 2018

My husband and I take at least one dive week each year and have been at quite a few all-inclusive dive resorts. Of all of them Anthony’s Key is the best. The coral and sea life is the best I have seen, the dive masters and boat drivers are terrific and the resort is great!! I would highly recommend Anthony’s Key and we hope to return again some day soon.

October 12, 2016

We have just returned from Anthony’s Key Resort and wish we could have stayed longer.
These people know their business; from before you get there to when they get you back on a plane, every detail is ironed out. Our bags were collected and we were met, bused to the resort, checked in, and had lunch as our luggage was taken to the cabin. Beautiful view from our porch hammock. The dive shack had all the right weights and the gear lockers were convenient. The boats are in good repair and excellent for diving. The dive sites are generally only minutes away from the resort. The reefs are vibrant and healthy, good fish populations. We did the optional shark dive and it was impressive. We got in 20 dives in 6 days/7 nights.
The staff were all friendly and helpful. They even have a clinic, on the dock, complete with a recompression chamber!
The resort is beautiful and well maintained. In short, we lacked for nothing.
We will be going back again.

November 3, 2015

Overall: We had a absolutely wonderful time at this resort! The staff were always helpful and the diving was great. The place was beautiful and clean.

The staff: We had problems with plane delays and ended up being rerouted to El Salvador for the night with more plane delays the next day. Sherry from AKR was waiting for us at the airport all morning so she could get us to the resort. That’s what I call good service. We did not have a way to contact them to let them know what time we may be in, but they made sure the people staying at their resort could get there.
When we finally arrived, there was little time left for lunch, so they let us sit and eat lunch while we were checking in. They took care of getting our bags and showed us where we would be staying. The maid did a good job cleaning up all the sand we would track in. The only issue I had with the maid service was the glasses were not clean. We even tried to make it obvious we wanted clean glasses by putting them on the floor by the towels and she just rinsed them and put them back; the same hair was still on the same glass. The front desk was helpful and will call you a cab if you need one. When we called a cab, we had the comfort of knowing the cab driver was also an employee of the resort; he was a waiter during the day and cab driver at night. We probably paid a little extra, but it was nice. The waiters did a good job attending to everyone quickly and seemed to always have a smile on their faces.

The food: I was actually quite impressed with the selection and taste of most meals I tried. They do a good job mixing up the menu and seemed to always have a fish option, meat option, and one other option (such as a quesadilla or sandwich) along with soup or salad and a dessert.

The resort: We stayed in a beautiful hut on the little island and the beds were probably more comfortable than our own bed. The pillows were comfy and the blinds were great for keeping the sun out first thing in the morning.
The pool was nice and refreshing and the bar tenders were attentive. They stayed very busy at happy hours, but it was fun to use that time to mingle with others while you waited for a drink during those times.
They have a special night for everyone staying there once a week on Wed where they do a bbq and have crab races and music. That was pretty fun.

Now to the diving: We had the pleasure of having Jeff as our dive master and Santos as our boat captain. They both did a wonderful job and Jeff liked to catch some of the little things for us to see. One of the dives we did, I saw the most amount of fish in one site I have ever seen. We were completely surrounded by fish the entire dive of all different species. I can’t remember if it was dive site 4 or 2 on the map, but so worth it going there. We did the wreck dive close to the resort and there wasn’t that much to see there yet but there were a few big Groupers that you could feed and pet. The reefs were amazing no matter where you went. The corals and fans were unique and fun to photo.

Extras: We did the zip lining excursion on a Thursday and had an amazing time. It ended up only being us and one other couple so we pretty much had everything to ourselves. I guess more people sign up to go on Friday when they can’t dive. What they don’t tell you about the walking around to see the area after the zip lining is that you can get a guided golf cart tour for $5 each if you want. We opted to do this and the guide was very knowledgeable about everything and the monkeys were absolutely adorable.
We also did the dolphin dive. I am not a fan of captive dolphins, but it has been a dream of mine to scuba dive with dolphins, so we chose to do this once. Although they are in pens most the time, you can tell they are very well taken care of. We got to sit in the pen with one male and the trainer had the dolphin show us some tricks while he explained about the intelligent creatures. Then the trainer let out a couple of the bigger males and we met them at the dive site. The dolphins followed the trainers behind their boat. When we were underwater, the dolphins got to swim around on their own and would come up to say hi every couple minutes. They would swim around and through our group of 8 divers and you could pet them and video them. They are absolutely amazing. We now have a wonderful memory that we get to keep.
We also did the horseback riding. It was nice to get out for an afternoon and ride on the beach. You go out one direction for 30 minutes until the end of the line basically and then turn around and head back. It is worth the money if you haven’t experienced it before, it is pretty cheap to do.
We also took advantage of the free paddle boards and kayaks. We paddle boarded around the area for a while and then went sea kayaking over to where the dolphins were and we went snorkeling on the other side, then kayaked back. That was also a fun afternoon and worth missing one dive for.
I mentioned earlier, we got a cab and went out for a night. We ended up meeting up with people we met on the plane that also were rerouted to El Salvador. We went to West End, which is the more touristy part of the island and there were plenty of bars and shops around. The prices were fairly cheap and it was nice to explore outside the resort. Our cab driver had us pick a time and said he would come back. We ended up asking him for 30 more minutes when he got there and he was fine with that. It was nice to take our time and not feel any pressure.

August 12, 2014

8/12/14 I have visited AKR many times since 1992 and have taken several groups there. It is situated on the Island of Roatan on the West Side. Anthony’s Key Resort is own by the Galindo family and since the father, Julio Sr. took over the resort in the 1980’s they have made it one of the premiere dive resorts in the Caribbean. The resort gets its name from the key out front of the main resort. They have built more than 60 bungalows on the Key and have a dozen or more up on the Hill. The meals are served up on the Hill near where all the entertainment is; bar and restaurant. The have 5 to 7 dive boats that can handle up to 20+ divers. The take Single families, small groups up to large 50+ groups. They are located on the West End where the water is calm and where the better diving is located on the island. The get cool gentle breezes that come over the hill. Great location for sunsets and their high tide may be six inches! You can do shore dives but most of the diving is done at sites that are only 15 to 20 minutes away. If you have a chance to get to Roatan, check out Anthony’s Key Resort, you will be pleasantly surprise and so will your groups!

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June 20, 2014

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay at AKR. We got an off-season special so our package was affordable. He had the 2 dives a day and I had the snorkle package. When the weather was too bad to dive on this side of the island due to winds, they bused him to a more protected area to get in the dives.
The food was great, staff very helpful. Accommodations were clean and had lovely views. Atmosphere has local color/flavor/feel and not like sterile resort environment if you know what I mean. I recommend it to friends!
Easy to get to by air is also a big plus for this homey resort.

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