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January 12, 2018

Itza Lodge is a challenge to get to but the diving is fantastic. I have to first say that due to tropical storms and hurricanes our trip was rescheduled twice and the owners were very accommodating and happy to ensure that our trip would happen. That being said let’s look at the pros and the cons. Itza is located only 20-25 minutes from the Blue Hole on Long Caye and include the Blue Hole as one of your paid dives. If you are familiar with Belize diving you understand that the trip to the resort is lengthy. Our trip was around 3 hours in a small boat (actually the dive boat from the resort) and the return trip to the mainland was in a 2 hour rain storm. It is not the most comfortable ride you’ll ever have. Long Caye is the furthest caye has only two resort; Itza and Huracan Resort; neither resort has air conditioning but there is usually a good breeze and the rooms are equipped with a ceiling fan and a stand fan. It is of note that while the Itza is supposed t have limited hot water for showering this was not the case and in talking with staff members is a rarity. This is a slight inconvenience but we found a quick shower was worth the diving. The sand fleas (no seeums) are really bad but controllable with a good repellent – this is a must and bring plenty for the week. There is a swamp between the two resorts and has some crocodiles but we only spotted reflections from our flashlights at night. The food was excellent and the chef was very accommodating to my eating habits. The menu was varied with emphasis on fresh ingredients including spiny lobster and fresh fish. It was also plenty to eat. Okay now for the important question: how’s the diving? One word describes it perfectly: Amazing! Due to the distance from the mainland and other cayes we never encountered competition for a dive site or for that matter saw any other divers. As I stated earlier the Blue Hole is included in your dive package but my wife had an issue with her regulator so we opted not to do the dive. Instead we spent the day at Half Moon Caye where the diving is unbelievable. We encountered multiple reef and nurse sharks, as well as, many rays there. The diving around Long Caye is exceptional and Elvis (yes that’s his real name) the divemaster is very knowledgeable. Our dive time was limited to our air supply and we averaged 70 minute bottom time. The fish population is very healthy and varied from small sea slugs to turtles and sharks. We even had a close encounter with a 12 foot hammerhead! All in all this is a great place to dive. The staff is friendly and accommodating, the food is good, the diving is great and close to the Blue Hole. Just prepare for the insects, no air conditioning, limited hot water and long boat ride.

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