Mango Inn Offers Tec Diving Thru Utila Dive Centre


Utila Dive Centre is a well-established PADI 5 Star Career Development Centre and most referred and recommended in Central America and the Caribbean.

In 2001 we expanded our range of services and became a PADI TecRec facility, teaching diver and instructor levels for Tec Deep and Tec Trimix courses. Now we are launching 2 new packages specially tailored for certified Tec and Tec Trimix divers looking for a place to explore.

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We have 4 fully equipped dive boats and two of these boats have been modified to meet Tech divers special gear requirements and space.

We provide on site gas blending (including helium & Nitrox), rebreather support, emergency O2 kits, lockers, showers, free WiFi, seaside bar and lounge areas for your comfort.

The north side of the island has deep walls, caverns and swim-throughs in the 150- to 260-foot (45 to 80 m) range. The east and south sides of the island offer numerous offshore seamounts and pinnacles, many inaccessible to recreational divers as the tops are at 130 feet (40 m) and drop to depths 262 feet (80 m) and deeper. We have also partnered with Global Dive Guide, a mobile app that allows users to download maps and full detailed information about the top dive sites in Utila, the information was all provided by Utila Dive Centre thanks to the experience and knowledge of our guides and instructors.

Follow these links for more information:

See Tec 40, 45 and 50 package

See Tec Trimix package

We also offer Instructor level for Tec and Tec Trimix courses, visit our website or contact us

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July 11, 2016 |

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