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Alan Burness, Scotland, Instructor 308359, 3000+Dives

Alan Burness

I have been fortunate enough to dive all over the world and have now visited over fifty countries, but there are still so many places I want to explore. I have worked for dive operations in Mombasa- Kenya, Phu Quoc Island- Vietnam, and I just spent the last three and a half years on Cozumel, Mexico. After a six-week diving vacation to the Philippines, I am now moving to Bonaire which is part of the ABC Islands and has the highest-rated shore diving in the world. Although I have traveled halfway around the world to dive the likes of the Great barrier reef and Fiji, I have never been diving in my home country, Scotland. I am a self-confessed fair weather diver, but I am sure one day I will be convinced to slip into a dry suit and brave Scapa Flow.

Favourite Dives
Manta Ray night dive- Kona, Hawaii
Bull Shark Dive- Playa Del Carmen (There are operators that do not promote shark feeding)
Thresher Shark dive-  Malapascua, Philippines

Favourite Reef
Palancar Reef- Cozumel
Secret Spot- Green Island, Taiwan.

Bucket list
Schooling hammerheads, Galapagos Island.
Raja Ampat
Gili Islands

Underwater Photography is just something I do for fun, but I like to share my work. I don’t have a big rig just my wee Nikon coolpix AW130 and have been very happy with the results. Good buoyancy is the key.

Top Tip: It is all about the buoyancy. Nothing frustrates me more than seeing a diver resting their fins on the reef or hanging onto coral to stabilise themselves. The reef is more important than your photograph. Leave the camera at home and perfect your buoyancy first- you will get much better results in the long run.

Incredible Thresher Shark

It might be a 4am wakeup call but this is a must do dive if staying on Malapascua Island in the Philippines. It is more than worth it to see these beautiful Thresher Sharks in all their glory. The early morning dive is the best time to see these unique looking sharks as they swim up from the depths at dawn to visit cleaning stations at about 100ft (30m). Due to the depth of the dive the dive companies require advanced or deep dive certifications to take part. These can easily be obtained on the Island. Sightings are not guaranteed but frequent, I was incredibly lucky with this perfect moment.

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