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There’s no dive certification course offered to teach you about it or video that tells you how it works, you just have to experience SCUBA DIVING for yourself!

We’re not only talking about scuba diving, but the lifestyle that surrounds it.

Traveling to far off places to partake in this fun and adventurous sport takes a certain kind of person. Someone like yourself. Once you become a diver, you’re welcomed into the global community of divers. No matter where your dive travel takes you or what language is spoken there, divers flock together from all walks of life to enjoy a singular passion – exploring the beauty of our underwater world.

One of the greatest rewards of scuba diving is sharing your adventures and experiences with other divers. Many life-long friends are made on dive vacations. Countless divers who meet at random find themselves keeping in touch and travelling together to various destinations year after year.  It’s not just a sport – once you become a diver, it’s a lifestyle.  Join that lifestyle and become a member!

Scuba Diving Resource website and E-Newsletters help scuba divers find up-to-date diving information, learn about diving destinations around the world. Fellow divers share real Scuba Equipment & Dive Travel reviews.

Get unbiased advice from people who have been there. From the best local dive stores , to  dive operators around the world, to dive resorts , live-aboards, to the best scuba gears to fit each individual’s needs and so much more…..

Scuba Diving Resource allows users to contribute different kinds of content, including reviews, photos, events, votes, helpful tips, diving information and more…..

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What better source to find dive and travel tips than by a community of fellow divers sharing their local & global knowledge? 

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