Vacation Photos/ Video From Our Members

Susan Nickerson Cozumel
Sheila Bowman Bonaire Buddy Dive
Shark Selfie from Wendy
Ed Talbot's wife - Cayman Brac
John Blakeman's Grandson, Zack Cozumel 1st Ocean Dives
Kevin Bayne's Son doing 1st Openwater Dives SanDiego
Sheila Bowman Pitons St. Lucia
"Ron king of the wreck" Photo By Lori Tanaka
Tamarindo Costa Rica Photo by Jodine Pahl
Seal Sorrento Bay Victoria Australia Photo by Jodine Pahl
Roatan, Hondurus by Sheila Bowman-Meyer
At Poor Knight Islands in New Zealand by Shannon Nease
Fun after diving in Lembongon Indonesia with Planet Nomadas. By Bill Mashek
Allison West
From left: Linda White, Jeanne Jones, Jeri Oishi and Jane Doerr
Elaine Canell
Catalina island by Bill Dutton
Linda White and the Turtle in Maldives
Christine Prince, photo credit Justin Prince Taken Oct 8, 2017 Nassau, Bahamas
Photo by Ed Talbot

“Enjoying the scuba diving lifestyle” in Palau! By Stephanie Brewer

By Grant Olsen: Here’s a photo of me preparing to dive in a lake in northern Germany in search of wreckage from my great-uncle’s WWII fighter plan. I’m named after my great-uncle and he’s always been my hero. So it was an incredible experience to be able to recover some pieces from his P-47 Thunderbolt from the lake!

Anthony’s Key Resort – Best Diving in Roatan

From  Anita L Suttmiller

Video from May 2014 using GOPro Hero 3. This is from some of the Best diving sites in Roatan. To me, famous for the number of swimming Moray Eels and very friendly Turtles. Enjoy this 3 – 4 minute video of 10 days diving in Roatan. Happy & Safe Diving to All.  🙂

April 2017 during a stay at Dive Into Lembeh, Indonesia.

By Jennifer McDonald

It was my first trip with a Go-Pro so it is not very professional!

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