Bula NAI’A friends:

A couple of days ago we announced to our passengers that we are inviting a new NAI’A family to take the company’s helm. We’ve since been inundated with kind messages wishing us well and remembering good times aboard NAI’A. So much so that it makes us wish we could run the boat forever, but as we wrote in our message, it really is time to step aside to allow new owners to put their energy and enthusiasm into NAI’A while we spend more time with our families.


We’ve also received a few messages from people understandably concerned about their upcoming NAI’A trip. We want to reassure you that NAI’A will continue operating as she always has. It’s business as usual: same crew, same shore support, same beautiful reefs.

Here’s the announcement:

Twenty-five years ago we launched NAI’A in Fiji and she quickly became one of the most well-respected liveaboard dive boats ever. We had a magnificent time exploring Fiji and beyond and we got to know thousands of keen divers, many of whom have become good friends. We raised our families in a beautiful, stimulating and safe environment. But now the NAI’A family is ready for new adventures.

Cat’s and my girls are just beginning their teenage odyssey while Todd and Alexx’s kids are well and truly launched and building their own lives in Fiji. After such a glorious run with NAI’A, it pains us to offer her for sale, but we realize that she, her crew and her many return passengers would all benefit from the energy and vision of a new NAI’A family. If you or your adult children or friends are considering a sea change, this is an opportunity to step into an exciting and profitable turn-key business in a gorgeous, peaceful nation in the South Pacific.

We rebuilt the ship in Suva in 1992 and again in 2010 and have operated her in Fiji ever since. A strong Dutch-built steel ship, NAI’A has proven herself as Fiji’s ultimate liveaboard experience but her success is even broader. She’s already voyaged to the Kingdom of Tonga for 21 extremely popular humpback whale swim seasons. She did the first exploratory expeditions to the Phoenix Islands and has been back several times to support the World Heritage Marine Protected Area we kick-started there. We have also dived Vanuatu and New Caledonia on our extended adventure itineraries.

NAI’A is well respected in the liveaboard scuba diving niche. The company is profitable and always has been despite the many obstacles the world has thrown out. We have forward bookings for Fiji into 2020 and our whale swim charters in Tonga are full through 2021. NAI’A is at the top of her game. If you are intrigued by the possibilities, please contact me for more information.


Best fishes,

Rob Barrel, founder
Todd and Alexx Edwards, co-founders
NAI’A Fiji
[email protected]

December 1, 2017 |

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