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A humpback whale pushes her calf toward the humans observing her as if to say "go play!"  They are escorted by another adult whale.

16  Oct, 2018 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

95 Year Old Vet Is World’s Oldest Scuba Diver, Family Friendly FIJI Holidays @ Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, The Humpback Whales of Tonga – By Brook Peterson, Introducing the CORALIA – Connecting People to Nature, This Months BELIZE TRIP WINNER IS…., COCOS ISLANDS WITH SEA SAVE, SCUBA DIVING RESOURCE COMMUNITY ON LOCATION, 5 Travel Photography Mistakes Everyone MakesWhat Happens When A Passport Gets Lost or Stolen?, 6 Cocktails for Halloween and Fall


02  Oct, 2018 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

The SOCORRO ISLANDS – Synonymous with Big Fish Action, SEA OF CORTEZ One of the Most Diverse Seas On The Planet, Be Part of A Citizen Science Expedition In Mexico, Last Chance to Book Clark’s Cay, Guanaja at Grand  Opening Rates, New PYGMY SEAHORSE Discovered, Baby Whale Shark Rescued From Gillnet in India, Chipotle Grilled Fish Tacos with Tequila-Lime Slaw & Avocado Crema, 900 WOMEN DIVERS ATTEMPT UNDERWATER RECORD, “Why Shoot Lion Fish ?”


18  Sep, 2018 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

The Incredible World of Muck Diving – Unique Marine Life Found No Where Else, LEMBEH STRAIT – World Class Critter / Muck Diving, The NUDIBRANCH – Natures Most Vivid Colors & Patterns, KUNGKUNGAN BAY RESORT – Pioneers of Muck Diving, Are You This Months Belize Trip Winner?, Celebrate Thanksgiving in Fiji, Some of The World’s Best New Dive Spots Are Under Oil Rigs, Don’t Let Your Ears Ruin Your Dives!, Things to Do Immediately after Your Flight is Canceled or Delayed,


04  Sep, 2018 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

Scuba Diving in BELIZE Is Simply Outstanding, The Tiny And Beautiful Flamingo Tongue Snail, The GEM OF BELIZE – St. Georges Caye Resort, This Underwater Winery Lets You Dive for Your Vino, Unique Liveaboard Experience Thailand & Myanmar (Burma), Unlikeliest Place for A Once Lifetime Diving, JOB OPENING for UW VIDEOGRAPHER, Lombok and Gili Islands Earthquake Relief, Announcing 3rd TURQUOISE BAY INTERNATIONAL UNDERWATER FILM FESTIVAL, WIN A TRIP TO THE GEM OF BELIZE

Pelagian liveaboard passes by resort on way to Buton

21  Aug, 2018 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

” Underwater Nirvana”  Wakatobi National Marine Park, The PYGMY SEAHORSE – Tiny & Rare, WAKATOBI World-Class Resort, Relaxed Elegance At Its Best!, TOP OF THE REEF AT WAKATOBI, A Mother Orca’s Grief Is Felt Around The World, Backscatter:  What it IS and ISN’T in UW Photography, Un-BELIZE-Able TRAVEL DEAL – UP TO 35% OFF, Everything You’ve Always Wondered About Flying, Salted Pretzel and Stout Brownies, Plastic Is Killing Our Oceans – Here’s What You Need To Know, Ocean Adventures Store RETIREMENT SALE – Up to 75%

Photo Oct 21, 10 50 40 AM (2)

07  Aug, 2018 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

Scuba Diving COZUMEL, Behold The Splendid Toadfish, CASA DEL MAR COZUMEL, 5 Star Review  COZUMEL MARINE WORLD, A Roma Therapy Session –  A Quick Video Vacation?, Tips On How You Can Be A Reef-Friendly Traveler, BELIZE LAST MINUTE DIVING DEAL Up to 35% Off, The Winner of our Dive Package for TWO to Kungkungan Bay Resort, 10 Tips for Eating Healthy on the Road, What Happens When A Passport Gets Lost Or Stolen while you’re traveling?, 5 Remarkable Frozen Cocktails You Should Make

Logo for all 3 fleets

25 July, 2018 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

TAHITI  Romantic, Beautiful and a Divers Paradise, Worlds Largest Jellyfish Has Tentacles Over 120ft Long, HEROS BEHIND THE SCENES OF RESCUE OF WILD BOARS, WORLDWIDE DIVE & SAIL FLEET, Whale Shark On Your Bucket list?, WIN A DIVE PACKAGE FOR TO TWO TO INDONESIA, HOW TO GET THRU TSA FASTER, A Victory for Coral:  Belize Reef No Longer In Danger, Your Favorite Tequila Drink made into A CAKE, DREAM TRIPS & DEALS

oceanic white tip

10 July, 2018 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

All 13 Wild Boars are now out of the cave, Did you Know – SHARKS?, Scuba Diving The RED SEA, SUDAN – Remote and Untouched, BLUE FORCE FLEET  Premier Live-Aboards in the  Red Sea & Maldives, UNLEASH YOUR INNER SCIENTIST in the Sea Of Cortez, Why Whales Leap Into the Air, The Watermelon Cocktail We Can’t Get Enough Of, TSA Implements New Carry-On Rules for Powders, No More Landfills… Old Wetsuits Fuel Adaptive Scuba Programs


27 June, 2018 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

Scuba Diving FIJI!  Bula!, Meet the RIBBON EEL, FIJI’S Finest 5-STAR Luxury Eco Resort, This Months BELIZE TRIP WINNER IS…., Namena Marine Reserve, the mecca of FIJI diving experience, Vaccinations for Traveling Abroad, Understanding Coral Spawning brings Hope for Endangered ReefsUnderstanding Coral Spawning brings Hope for Endangered Reefs, PADI Women’s Dive Day – July 21, 2018Palauan Waldorf Salad Uses Papaya Instead of Apples, Dive and Travel Tips

Wakatobi Reefs, Dive Site Roma

12 June, 2018 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

Scuba Diving The VISAYAS, Philippines, Meet the CUTTLEFISH one of the brainiest, SIREN FLEET Announces ‘Special Philippines Trip’, Strobe Positioning for Wide Angle Underwater Photography, Wakatobi’s Ancient Reef Dwellers, TSA’S STRONGER CARRY-ON SCREENING POLICY, REVIEWS FROM YOUR FELLOW DIVER, Updates to Our Privacy Policy, If You Like Lemon Bars, This Cocktail Is For You

29 May, 2018 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

The Sea of Cortez “the Worlds Aquarium”, MEET THE TWIN SPOTTED SIGNAL GOBY, YOUR OWN PRIVATE VILLA IN BELIZE, ROCIO DEL MAR – A DREAM COME TRUE, WIN A TRIP FOR TWO TO INDONESIA, TECH DIVING WEEK ON COZUMEL  2 – 8 Sept, 2018, Wellness Adventure for Body & Soul – August 27 – 31, 2018, TSA-Approved Travel Lock Opens With A Phone App, SCUBA SHOW 2018 – Long Beach, June 23-24, 2018, Gizmo’s and Gadget’s for Creative Underwater Photography, PSI-PCI VISUAL CYLINDER INSPECTION TRAINING

Blackwater Diving with alamBatu Resort, Bali Photo by Doris Vierkoetter

15 May, 2018 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

BALI – Secret Critter Paradise, Did you Know?  The MIMIC OCTOPUS, Cabañas on Clark’s Cay, Guanaja  – Offers Free Upgrade, BLACKWATER DIVING @ alamBatu, Bali – Indonesia, PHOTO TUTORIAL – Models & Modeling Underwater, 5 Star Trip Report – MALDIVES BLUE FORCE Liveaboard, APRIL’S BELIZE TRIP WINNER IS….., SUPER SAVINGS ON BONAIRE  – SAND DOLLAR CONDO’S, Shark Angels World Ocean’s Day Online Auction, A Snack Mix That Tastes Like the Tropics

Featured Image and Image 5

01 May, 2018 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

RAJA AMPAT – Known For Bio-Diversity & World Class Diving, Meet The TASSELLED WOBBEGONG SHARK, PAPUA EXPLORERS RESORT  –  Raja Ampat, Indonesia, Improve Your Photos With Our New Online Tutorials, This Camera Was Lost At Sea For 2 Years, Raja Ampat Sea Center Receives Grant For Research, 5 Star Review – Malaysia, Tioman Dive Resort / BJ Diving Center, St. George’s, Belize, Named One of Best Islands for Romance And Don’t Forget the Diving, Join Our First Wander Women Trip to the Sea of Cortez!, The Philippines Just Got Easier To Get To

View - Over The Water Restaurant (5)

17 April, 2018 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

Pack Your Dive Bags – ROATAN, Bay Islands, Honduras, Did You Know? the SPOTTED DRUM Got It’s Name, TURQUOISE BAY DIVE RESORT Roatan, Honduras, THE FIRST WINNER TO INDONESIA’S Critter Capitol, Mesoamerican Reef Gets Improving Bill of Health, Roatan Underwater Photo Contest  Oct 13-20, 2018, USER TIP – Fresh Regulator Mouthpiece, Worldwide Dive & Sail Liveaboards – April Crazy Special, 5 Travel Photography Mistakes Everyone Makes…, Around the World With Scuba Diving Resource Community, Vacation In A Glass With One Of These 5 Tiki Cocktails


03 April, 2018 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

Pack Your Dive Bags – VISAYAS, PHILIPINES, Did You Know’s – The Ghost Pipefish., DISCOVERY FLEET DIVE CRUISE – Philippines & Palau, Chipotle Grilled Fish Tacos with Tequila  Lime Slaw & Avocado Crema, 8 Reasons to Dive the Sea of Cortez, No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards, Coral Explorers – Raja Ampat, Indonesia, US POST OFFICE ISSUES BIOLUMINESCENT STAMP, And the WINNER of the MARCH TRIP to BELIZE IS is..


06 March, 2018 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

Pack Your Bag – KALIMANTAN, Indonesia, THE GREEN SEA TURTLE, DERAWAN DIVE LODGE – Kalimantan Indonesia, 3 Coffee Cocktails to Keep You Warm This Winter, Are You Passionate About DIVING and Dreaming About Making It Your Professional Career?, Experience Amazing BALI – Critter Diving Paradise, National Geographic Encounter: OCEAN ODYSSEY, MARK YOUR CALENDAR – UPCOMING DIVE & TRAVEL SHOWS, Tips & How To’s by your Fellow Divers & Experts

Aerial view showing proximity to Guanaja Island

20 February, 2018 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

GUANAJA, HONDURAS  –  Undiscovered and Pristine, The GREEN MORAY EEL, The Wreck of the Jado Trader, Cabañas on Clark’s Cay, Guanaja – The Pool Is Open SPECIAL!, CRITTER PARADISE, KBR offering  2nd Diver ½ Off, The VILLA ON DUNBAR ROCK’S Latest “Addition”- Guanaja, THIS MONTHS TRIP WINNER TO THE GEM OF BELIZE, Tasik Ria Welcomes Disabled Divers, Become a PSI-PCI Trained Visual Cylinder Inspector, Reader Review – CRYSTAL BLUE RESORT,  Philippines, WOW!  WE ARE NOW GIVING AWAY TWO TRIP’S BELIZE & INDONESIA

6 February, 2018 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

OUR TRIP GIVE-AWAY’S JUST GOT BIGGER!!!   INDONESIA, Meet The Psychedelic Frogfish, Pack Your Bags – LEMBEH STRAIT, Indonesia, What is Muck (Critter) Diving?  Muck. Yuck. Right? Wrong!, KUNGKUNGBAY BAY RESORT –  The Pioneers of Muck Diving, This “Good Fish Guide” will steer you away from being bad news, WHY CHOOSE A LIVE-ABOARD?, Can You Be Too Old To Buy Dive Travel Insurance?, Dive The Big Animals of Socorro Island & Fly Free In May, A Winter Warm Up – Hot Buttered Rum


23 January, 2018 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

We Are Jealous of the Big Bellied Seahorse, Pack Your Bags – WAKATOBI, INDONESIA, 6 Must Pack Travel Accessories, Humpback Whale ‘Protects’ Diver from Nearby Tiger Shark, Roatan Special – 7 Night All Inclusive Package From $899, The First Belize Trip Winner of the Year is……, Explore Wakatobi’s Waters in Expert Company, New Dive Site?  LOST CITY Found After 1200 Years, Escape the Winter Blues – Solomon Islands, Owners of Misool Eco Resort Honored as Sea Heroes, Cozumel Carnival 2018, Complimentary Facebook Advertising for Retailers

MR scuba divers on beach, PR Beqa Lagoon Resort, Beqa Island off Southern Viti Levu, Fiji, South Pacific

9 January, 2018 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

Want to Start the New Year Right?  Forget Resolutions, Spend it Underwater!, Top 10 Health Benefits of Scuba Diving, Pack Your Bags – MALDIVES, Mexico Creates Largest Marine Sanctuary, Arrests In Brutal Shark Dragging Case – Warning Video is Disturbing, The BEST Booze to Drink to Maintain Weight, Enjoy Your Diving More, Be A Safer Diver – Get Dive Fit, OWN YOUR OWN DIVE OPERATION – Fiji, CITIZEN SCIENCE EXPEDITIONS    Aboard Quino El Guardian, Who wants to spend up to 6 months in Raja Ampat?, IMPROVE YOUR PHOTO SKILLS, Cozumel Digital Fiesta  April 21-28, 2018, BECOME A DIVE PROFESSIONAL ON ROATAN, ATTEND A DIVE OR TRAVEL SHOW, My Happy New Year Turtle Kiss – A Perfect Surprise!!!


12 December, 2017 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

We Wish You A Happy Holiday, Seahorse Condo in Long Beach, CA  Source Blue Ocean Network, Pack Your Bags – GALAPAGOS ISLANDS, THIS MONTHS TRIP WINNER TO THE GEM OF BELIZE, Introducing GAIA LOVE – The Art of Fine Diving, 6 Fascinating Creatures Highlight Wonders of the Sea, How the Philippines’ Coral Heart Keeps Beating, HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS   –   GREAT TRAVEL DEALS

Harlequin Shrimp Photo by Scubamama

28 November, 2017 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

Pack Your Bags – CHUUK Also Known As Truk, Harlequin Shrimps Are Beautiful Creatures, DIVE the SOCORROS In January Aboard the ROCIO DEL MAR, How to Make Holiday Drinks With or Without Booze, Divers Find Lost Towns At the Bottom of S. Carolina Lake, 5 Star Review – PAPUA EXPLORER RESORT, Raja Ampat – Indonesia, TRAVEL ADVISORY  –  Bali Airport Affected By Volcano, HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS


14 November, 2017 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

BLUE RING OCTOPUS – Look But don’t Touch, Pack Your Bags – BAHAMAS, Great White Takes An Underwater Camera For A Ride, Octopus Genetics Just Got A Whole Lot Weirder, SINGAPORE –  Hub To MANY Great Dive Destinations, Sunscreens That Protect You And The Ocean, 5 Star Review  – KUNKUNGAN BAY RESORT – Indonesia, Aerobic Exercise for SCUBA DIVING by Gretchen M. Ashton, Easily Find Information & Reviews On Dive Businesses

MR Couple (age 20's) Cozumel, Yucatan, Mexico viewing Queen Angelfish (Pomacanthus cilarius) Digital Composite

31 Oct, 2017 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

Pack Your Bags  –  COZUMEL, MEXICO, FREE AIRFARE TO MEXICO on Bookings Aboard Quino El Guardian, HAMMERHEADS ARE AMAZING TO SEE, Dolphins Being Used To Save Last 30 Vaquita Porpoises, BUSINESS DINNER – Don’t We Wish They Could Be Like This, Divers Find Camera 40 ft Under Sea, THIS MONTHS WINNER TO THE GEM OF BELIZE, Baltimore Dive Show Returns – January 19-20, 2018, Dive Industry Hurricane Recovery Update.

Oceanic Whitetip Shark (Carcharhunus longimanus), Daedalus Reef, marine preserve, Southern Red Sea,  Egypt, Middle East, Africa photo by Stuart Westmoreland

17 Oct, 2017 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

Pack Your Bags  –  EGYPT /  RED SEA, Meet the HUMPHEAD PARROTFISH, CABANAS ON CLARK’S CAY – Guanaja’s New Private Island Getaway, How to Help Victims of the Recent Hurricanes, OCEANIC ALIENS – Award Winning Video by Mike Johnson, Solitude Has Landed… in Lembeh, North Sulawesi – Indonesia!, WIN a FREE Trip to the Hidden Gem of Belize, CUBA MARINE CONSERVATION TRIP OPEN TO PUBLIC, Sunken American WWII Torpedo Bomber Discovered in Pacific, What Happened to My LOST Luggage?

Paddle Flap Scorpionfish / Rhinopias eschmeyeri  Photo by Chim Carlson

3 Oct, 2017 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

Pack Your Bags –  COSTA RICA, MEET THE RHINOPIAS – Master of Camouflage, BELIZE RESORT Offers Help To Travelers Needing To Reschedule Due To Storms, WAKATOBI, Indonesia – A Rare Find, Master Liveaboards – Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, TO TRAVEL IS TO EAT – 16 Authentic Local Foods in Bangkok, Fanged Creature Found On Texas Beach After Hurricane Harvey, Thresher Shark Video by Alan Burnes, WDHOF 2018 Scholarships & Training Grants Open For Application, Travel Deals for Individual & Group Opportunities.

Photo courtesy Michael Sechler

19 Sep, 2017 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

Rescuers Brave Hurricane Irma’s Fury to Save Manatees, FROGFISH – Divers Can’t Help Not Loving Them, Kungkungan Bay Resort, the PIONEERS of Critter Diving, How to Help Victims of Hurricane, What Happens Underwater During a Hurricane?, WATCH: Scuba Diver Saved During Hurricane Irma Conditions, Scuba Diving Fiji – “Soft Coral Capital of the World”, REVIEW: Marco Vincent Dive Resort, Puerto Galera – Philippines, Areas & Business Impacted by Hurricanes Harvey & Irma, CANE BAY DIVE SHOP, ST CROIX Alive & Well After Irma, DIVE PROVO, Turks and Caicos – ODIOS IRMA, THIS MONTHS BELIZE TRIP WINNER.

Sailfin Signal Blenny (Emblemaria piratica) Photo By Pipat Kosumlaksamee

5 Sep, 2017 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

The MIMIC OCTOPUS – Master of Disguise, Pack Your Bags: BALI – Critter Paradise, The Villa on Dunbar Rock, One of the Caribbean’s Most Unique Dive Resorts, TO TRAVEL IS TO EAT – Street Food, Helpful Links For Travel Including Travel Warnings & Alerts, Deep-Sea Ghost Shark Filmed Alive For the First Time, Trip Report – SEA OF CORTEZ Aboard the Quino El Guardian, TRACKING WHALE SHARKS –  Surprising Results

Rhinopias Photo by Doris Vierkoetter - alumBatu Dive Resort, Bali

22 Aug, 2017 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

Pack Your Bags – ST. VINCENT,  Rhinopias Scorpionfish Are Rare, So An Encounter Is A Highlight, Predator VS Prey – Brittle Stars Snare a Squid Meal, Real Diver Review!  ANSE CHASTANET – St Lucia, 30 New Species Discovered Off Verde Island, Philippines, Discover Just How Comfortable and Enjoyable a Dive Boat Can Be, FREE AIRFARE To MEXICO on Bookings Aboard Quino El Guardian, Most Unique Dive in The World – Diving Between Two Continents, FREE BLUE HOLE DIVE FOR YOU & YOUR FRIENDS, 50 New Travel Apps, Easily Find Information & Reviews On Dive Businesses


8 Aug, 2017 Scuba Diving Resource E-newsletter

PACK YOUR BAGS – ST. LUCIA, The Incredible Story Beneath Jacques Cousteau’s Famous Red Hat, The Wolf Eel – A Face Only A Mother Could Love?, Can You Even Dive All 50 States?  YES!!!, New TSA Rule for Screening Electronics At All U.S. Airports, Is Your Sunscreen Bad For The Planet?, The Turquoise Bay International Film Festival – 2017 winners, This Months WINNER of Our BELIZE TRIP GIVE-AWAY, Review By A Fellow Diver Like YOU! – COZUMEL MARINE WORLD, Mouthwatering Milkshake Recipes, Featured Diver & Photos – Bill Sarro

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