Nonprofit combines Scuba, Mission Work


Most people wouldn’t know where to start if you asked them to find a relationship between scuba diving and Christianity, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth when it comes to Pennsylvania-native Jim Mustoe.

The Worldwide Christian Scuba Divers Organization, a nonprofit founded by Mustoe, promotes the vision of letting Jesus be the regulator of your life. Much like how a scuba diver can’t have access to the tank without a pressure regulator, according to the Bible without Jesus you can’t have access to God.

Roatan Scuba Mission Trip 2015 (96 of 281)

Roatan Scuba Mission Trip 2015

The organization has been around since 2009 conducts scuba diving and mission trips in such places as Honduras, Mexico, and Caribbean islands.

“I just wanted to have a platform to introduce people to the world of Jesus and God.” Mustoe said. The organization is planning to visit Cozumel, Mexico and Curacao for 2016. “We plan trips according to the needs of the local people, churches and non-profit organizations we work with. I love them all and always enjoy getting to know the natives.” Although many of the places the organization visits might seem to be dream destinations, one has to look past the beautiful water and nice resorts to see the surrounding poverty.

The weeklong trips usually consist of 20 to 40 volunteers, who all pay their own way and spend half of their time scuba diving and the other half doing mission work for those in need. Mustoe describes it as the best of both worlds. He says it’s like-minded people who “love to dive and love the Lord.”

What started out as a simple sign from God, developed into an organization with more than 700 members, and seven chapters nationwide.

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