Photo Tips For Your Travel – SUNRISE OVER SAND AND SEA


We call it the golden hour for a reason. Yes, sunrise and sunset are both beautiful and serene, but they also happen to provide the perfect amount of light and color to transform an ordinary photo into one worthy of record-breaking Instagram likes. We’re breaking down the ideal sunrise photography session based on location.


Some of the best places in the world to catch the sunrise are out in the open with no obstructions. Whether you’re on a live-aboard in the Maldives or overlooking  beaches of Cozumelthe ocean presents unfiltered views of the sunrise with ripples of sand and sea dotting the horizon.

As light and color evolve with the angle of the sun, it’s important to understand exposure. This is where aperture — the setting that controls the amount of light that enters the lens — becomes critical. Since sunsets are similar to landscapes in that you typically want large depth of field, use a fairly small aperture setting (f/11, for example) to keep the entire landscape in focus. However, a word of warning: a smaller aperture also means a longer shutter speed, so bear this in mind if you’re capturing fast movement and want to avoid motion blur (like a speed boat in the foreground).

If you don’t have time to fiddle with camera settings, you can always default to AUTO mode. Some cameras also have a built in Sunset Mode which automatically optimizes exposure. Another helpful feature to look out for is an electronic viewfinder, which allows you to preview exposure, art filters, and other settings before the image is taken.


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