Pipat "Cat" Kosumlaksamee Gallery

pipat 1Pipat “Cat” Kosumlaksamee, Award-winning, photography, have been involved in diving for over 25 years. He was born in 1961. As he shares some of his exquisite images from around the world. Pipat’s work is the result of travel to exotic locales such as Galapagos, Mexico, Hawaii, Red Sea, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, etc.

Pipat strives to capture the underwater realm in a way that will help create an awareness of the fragile marine environment. In 2005 Pipat bought his first underwater camera setup, an Nikon…. Thus began a love affair with photography. His experiences in diving and underwater photography started some 11 years ago. It takes him to many exciting places around the world, meeting people with similar interests many of which have become friends and of course giving him the opportunity to capture images of some of the world unique creatures of the seas.

2015-2016 he became one of the judge of TDEX show in Thailand and Underwater Macro Photographers community.



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