Scuba Diving Resource Privacy of Information Policy

We Keep Your Names and information Confidential!

Privacy is an important consideration in today’s digital world.  It sometimes seems that nothing can be kept confidential.  There is a growing trend to exchange private databases for a variety of reasons.

We are adamantly against the practice of sharing or selling your name and information.  We take a different approach at Scuba Diving Resource.  When you join the Scuba Diving Resource community or sign up for our newsletters, we keep your name completely confidential. 

Scuba Diving Resource is not in the business of collecting names and selling mail lists.  The only time we use your data is when we send you newsletters or specials. If you want more information from the suppliers and services on our website, you can contact them directly.

We hope this privacy policy is another reason Scuba Diving Resource will become your favorite source for all things Scuba and Travel. We want all divers to have access to great scuba diving information.  


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