SCUBAFIT an online magazine dedicated to scuba Fitness


Congratulations to Gretchen Ashton!

Owner of ScubaFit, on having launched a new online magazine dedicated to scuba Fitness. Scuba Fit Magazine will help all of us not only dive safer but get more enjoyment from diving.

Her first FITDIVER works out are inspired by Palau.

” The exercises, nutrition and Travel tips are certain to help all divers reach their fitness for diving goals. Palau is breathtaking above and below. It’s varied conditions, swift currents and deep wrecks are some of the best diving on the planet. Whether diving on a live aboard or commuting by fast boat from land based resort, the experience is truly forgettable. “

The first issue of FITDIVER is complimentary. Subscriptions are $19.95 for four issues a year and $6.95 for individual issues. For questions, comments, or feedback contact Gretchen directly at [email protected], or by phone at (760) 271-6069. 



February 25, 2016 |

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