Travel Tip – Stolen Credit Card


Stolen Credit Card: If I’ve prepared properly, this theft would only be a terrible inconvenience, not a huge calamity.

Here’s a few of my know-before-you-go hints….

1) Diversify your money— take travelers checks, credit cards, bank cards as well as cash (U.S. cash is best because it’s recognized in most places). Never carry everything in the same place.

2) Be prepared! Before you leave home, record (in triplicate) the numbers on your travelers checks , credit cards and bank cards. The same applies to all the 800 numbers you might need to report a theft. Leave one list with someone at home, one goes into your money belt and one stays in your suitcase.

3) Be creative! Hide your emergency money in strange places – a vitamin pill bottle with a few pills in it is great. The bottle isn’t see-thru and thieves are generally not interested in your Vitamin C.

4) Be very sure to check the restrictions on your credit cards. Did you know that some cards are not replaceable internationally if they’re stolen?

5) Ask your bank for an extra client card. If the first is taken, you still have the second one to withdraw cash with.

credit-card_theftIf This Happens to You

If your credit cards are stolen, no matter where you are, immediately call your credit card companies.  They will shut down your card, if they haven’t already, and advise you of the next steps.

As for other travel safety tips, always keep your money and cards hidden in multiple places, and keep your passport locked up during the day.  This is what will ultimately save you if you’re robbed.

Above all, relax and don’t panic.  This happens to people every day, and they survive.  You’ll be all right.



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